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Right For You?

Unfortunately, we are not for everyone ...

If you are not a regular Internet user and prefer call centres to manage your personal business, we may not be right for you.

... but we do make sense if you're already an online consumer.

Let's face it, the Internet is how you maximise your time and money today. You bank online, email and social network to keep in touch, and shop on favourite websites. Isn't it time your car insurance company caught up with the rest of your life?

Now you have a choice. PD is the fast, convenient, and always-available car insurance solution that's just on the Internet.

But online doesn't mean fly-by-night. You can feel confident about the quality and reliability of our products and services. PD has been serving Australian drivers since 2009, and prides itself on swift, dependable service and we have the experience, resources, and assets to stand behind you now and in the years to come.