Save money, gain time: Be an Online Solutionary!

There’s no doubt, we’re in a digital age. According to the ABS, 85% of Australians over 15 are internet users and 86% of Australian households have internet access. There are more than 26.3 million mobile handset subscribers in Australia right now (ABS). We literally have the world (wide web) at our fingertips.

But how much of this staggering digital usage is saving you and your family time and money and improving your life? Are you using the power of digital to its full potential, or is your mobile phone simply a time-consuming device?

At Progressive Direct, we’ve noticed many of our customers are really making the most of the information they have in their pockets. We call these people Online Solutionaries. They are using new technology to find better solutions to problems in their everyday lives, often saving money and gaining more time in the process.

Sticking with the status quo always feels easier and safer in the moment, but what if it’s costing you more effort or money in the long term? Shifting your bank statements or investments to paperless can be a pain initially, but this is clearly outweighed by the benefits of reduced clutter and instant accessibility to statements over the years ahead.

With an Online Solutionary mindset, you soon realise the potential gains to be made. Shopping around for a lower home loan rate could save you $50,000 tax free over the next 10 years. Setting up direct debits and payments for bills could save you hundreds on overdue energy bills. Online Solutionaries use comparison websites, automated processes and do their online research when purchasing everything from contact lenses to running shoes, driving their hard earned dollar further.

At Progressive Direct, our Online Solutionary customers enjoy single or multi-car insurance policies that are completely paperless, controlled from an online account, typically saving money that they can put to better use elsewhere… Perhaps on that next tropical holiday!

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