How Do Car Modifications Affect Your Car Insurance?

Thought about pimping your car with the newest alloy wheels? How about tuning up the engine? Car modifications are a great way to personalise your car but can have a big impact on the cost of your car insurance policy.

Car modifications are changes that are different from the car's original specifications. They’re mostly done to improve the performance and appearance of a vehicle and include changes to the engine, transmission, and suspension. If you’re considering modifications to your car, here's a guide to better understand how they might affect your car insurance.

Why do car modifications make your car insurance policy more expensive?

Car insurers consider any factors that could increase the value of the car, its chances of getting stolen, and risk of being involved in an accident. Insurers typically assess your policy in two ways: risk of accident and risk of theft. Naturally risk-averse, insurers see modifications as a red flag.

What car modifications do insurers watch out for?

Engine and mechanic modifications

Examples of engine and mechanic modifications include exhaust system, transmission, gearing change, and non-standard engine changes.


Your insurers will want to know about bonet bulges, complete bodykit and panels, tinted windows, and light additions or changes.

Wheel modifications

If you’ve got wider wheels or alloys, that’s probably a modification.

Brakes and suspension

Examples include uprated brakes, and suspension.


Paintwork modifications include specialised paintwork, stripes, decals, and badges.

What should I do if I have car modifications?

If you’ve modified your car and plan on insuring it, you should always tell your insurer what modifications you’ve made, because not doing so could invalidate your policy. Insurers have different criteria on what constitutes a car modification so it’s best to check if the modifications are covered by your policy. You should also make sure that all modifications comply with all state regulations. This will give you the peace of mind that your car is insured and protected if you end up in an accident. If you want to find out more about which car modifications PD covers, send us a message.

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