The Main Benefits of a Comprehensive Car Cover

A comprehensive car insurance cover is one of the best investments you can make to protect your car. As the name suggests, a comprehensive car cover provides protection against loss or damage to your vehicle caused by an accident, theft, or fire. It also covers damage that you cause to another car or property.

Here are 5 main benefits of a comprehensive car cover and why it’s important to have one:

Replaces your car if it gets stolen

While you might think that the chances of getting your car stolen is low, it can still happen. Unless you can afford to buy another car, it’s in your best interest to get a comprehensive cover, especially if you have financed your car.

Here at PD Insurance, if your car is stolen within the first 12 months of registration, we can arrange for it to be replaced with a new vehicle or pay the agreed value.

[See The PDS/FSG for more information]

Covers your car from flood-related damages

Heavy rains can destroy your vehicle’s mechanical parts and interiors. This is where a comprehensive car insurance comes in handy. If you have comprehensive insurance, you can ensure that your car will be covered and will be fixed at little or no cost to you.

Pays for fire damage

Even if you think it’s a far-fetched problem, cars are susceptible to fires, especially during roadside accidents. Having a comprehensive multi-car policy guarantees that should your car incur damage from a fire, you will be able to afford replacement parts or, if applicable, a new vehicle.

Pays for collision with another vehicle

A car collision is already stressful enough without thinking of the costs. A comprehensive car cover can ensure that you will be able to pay for any loss or damage to your car caused by another driver. You’ll be (relatively) at ease knowing you can be back on the road again in no time.

This is your best option in ensuring that you will be protected from financial losses caused by car damage or theft. PD Insurance offers a comprehensive car cover with these benefits and a lot more. Apply online or call us to learn more.

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