How To Compare Car Insurance Quotes

It's easy to get auto insurance quotes. In fact, it only takes a matter of seconds to get quotes from several companies with handy online comparison tools. But how do you know you're making the right decision? The process isn't always easy since each car insurance policy may be very different to another.  When you're looking at many options, it's easy to overlook some things that may prove to be important later on.

But by doing your homework, you can know exactly what to look for and save more money with a cheaper car insurance policy that still has what you need. So before you buy car insurance, here are some tips to effectively compare car insurance quotes.

Decide on coverage

When you compare car insurance quotes, remember to select the same types of coverage and inclusions. This is one of the most important factors in this process. In Australia there are two main types of coverage.

Comprehensive car insurance - provides the most complete car insurance cover. It covers your car for loss or damage caused by an accident, theft, or fire. You're also covered for damage caused by your car to someone else's vehicle or property.

Third party property damage - designed for drivers who want basic cover for an affordable price. It covers you against damage you cause with your car to other people's vehicles or property.

Within a comprehensive car insurance policy some insurers allow you to include and exclude many extras like a rental car should you get into an accident.  Make sure all of these options are factored into your comparison as they will affect the price. At PD Insurance by Progressive Direct we allow you to exclude what you don’t need to keep your overall cost down.

Personal circumstances

It's important to know that insurance companies also look at your personal circumstances, such as your credit rating, driving record, or lapses in your car insurance. If you've had any of these issues within the last three to five years, it can raise your premiums from one provider to another. The opposite also works the same way so if none of the above are a concern for you then make sure you choose insurers that take these factors into account as again they will ultimately lower your premium. At PD Insurance we offer car insurance discounts to safe drivers, homeowners, or those who pay annually instead of monthly, so you may find your premium is lower if you tick these boxes.

Compare the cost on all your cars for multi car insurance discounts

Some companies give great car insurance discounts to people who choose to bundle their policies together. If you are taking the time to compare the cost on one car look at insurers that will save you more if you have two or more cars and want the convenience of only managing and paying for a single policy. You may find your comparison is made much easier, for example PD Insurance Multi car customers save an average of $505, that sounds like an easy decision.

Compare excess and raise it if you need to

An excess is the money you pay towards a claim. You may be looking at one insurer with a very high or very low excess which will affect your comparison. A lower excess might end up costing you more in the long run, but if you’re a safe and infrequent driver it could be a great way to save more.

Ultimately, when comparing car insurance policies, make sure to check the coverage, excess and personal circumstances. Look for an insurer that will provide plenty of ways to reduce your costs without compromising the coverage that you need.

PD Insurance offers comprehensive car insurance with a range of free extras and flexible options as well as multi car insurance policies at affordable rates.

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