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Are You Looking for Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Welcome to PD. We know that car insurance can be expensive. We have a sophisticated website that can help you decide which cover is best for your vehicle.

If you get a car insurance quote with us, we will let you tailor the cover to suit your needs. Because we offer multi-car policies, you have the option to tailor insurance needs to each car in your household all within 1 policy. We have three options.

  1. Comprehensive Car Insurance is the most complete cover we offer. This option pays for property damage liability to others for which you are responsible plus for damage to your own car. If you select comprehensive car insurance, you need to make two selections: the car’s Agreed Value and Excess.

    Agreed Value is the amount we will pay you if your car is a total loss. When you select comprehensive, we will offer you a range of Agreed Values based on the year, make, and model of your car. By selecting an Agreed Value up front, we can speed up the claims process and avoid lengthy disputes over valuation. The Excess is the amount you contribute toward repair if your car is damaged. You may select from a range of Excess values.

    If you buy comprehensive car insurance from us, you will have access to our national network of preferred repairers, our Lifetime Repair Guarantee, a rental car if your car is stolen, protection for personal effects, and pet injury cover, and more.
  2. Third Party Property Damage is our least expensive option. It provides protection for you against damage you cause with your car to other peoples’ vehicles or property. This choice is for motorists who want basic cover at an affordable price.
  3. Third Party Fire and Theft cover is the same as Third Party Property Damage Liability but adds protection against theft and fire damage to your car. This option is a cost-effective alternative to comprehensive car insurance.

Please see our Product Disclosure Statement for details.