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Save for being a safe driver, insuring more than one car, owning your home & more

Car Insurance Discounts

100% online car insurance premiums, less discounts = Big savings!

Car Insurance Discounts

When you get a PD online car insurance quote we’ll automatically include discounts that apply to you. In a nutshell, the lower your risk, the less you pay in premiums.

When combined with our 100% online car insurance efficiency, you could save hundreds on your annual car insurance bill.

Here's a sample of the car insurance discounts that may be included in your PD car insurance quote, along with other potential savings opportunities:

Multi-Car Discount

Insure 2 or more cars in your home on one PD Multi Car Policy, and save hundreds with PD's Multi Car discount. Saving with Multi Car insurance policies.

Claims Free Discount

If you've had no claims in the last 5 years, earn an extra Claims Free Discount.

Home Owners Discount

Just for being an owner of a house, apartment, unit, townhouse or other residential dwelling, you can save on your car insurance policy. Learn more about the Cheapest car insurance for homeowners.

Early Shopper Discount

Get a car insurance quote insurance quote with us in advance of the expiration of your existing car insurance policy, and earn an Early Shopper’s discount. Buy immediately or save the quote to buy when you’re ready. Note: must be bought before the expiration of your existing policy to retain the discount.

Paid in Full Discount

With PD you can pay for your premium with monthly instalments, but if you pay your entire premium upfront, you can earn an extra discount. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

Other Discounts: We offer a range of other discounts. Simply complete your quote and we'll include any applicable discounts for you.