The discounts go on and on!

Save for being a safe driver, insuring more than one car, owning your home & more

Cheapest Car Insurance for Homeowners

Lowering the cost of quality car insurance for homeowners

If you’re a homeowner, you can trust PD to offer you more ways to save on your annual car insurance premium. As a matter of fact, if you combine our 100% online approach to car insurance with our homeowner’s discount, you’ll find our premiums very, very hard to beat. We like homeowners, and you may soon like us!

Saving hundreds each year on car insurance can help edge away at your mortgage, or simply build up your mortgage offset account. Either way, you’ll be paying less interest to your bank.

At PD, we've taken the pain out of car insurance. There's no phone queues, no unnecessary chatter and endless questions, and that means we have much lower overheads to pass on to our customers.

For homeowners, we have a range of discounts that can reduce your price even further. Why? Well at PD we believe homeowners have lower car insurance risk and we can therefore offer homeowners lower premiums.

Here is a sample of discounts that can help homeowners save hundreds each year on their car insurance:

  • Homeowners' discount: Just for being a homeowner means you can earn an extra homeowner's discount off an already low price with PD.
  • Multi car discount: If you insure 2 or more cars on one PD policy, we’ll give you an extra Multi Car discount. You can add up to 5 cars in your household to one PD car insurance policy. With PD, more cars means more savings.
  • Paid in full discount: With PD you can pay your premium monthly, but you can save more if you pay the premium upfront with a Paid in full discount.

More discounts

When you get a PD online car insurance quote we'll automatically include car insurance discounts that apply to you. In a nutshell, the lower your risk, the less you pay in premiums.