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Flexible Options

Why pay for cover you don't need? At PD, we know that drivers have different needs, different budgets, and different priorities. So we let you choose among options that meet your own individual needs with an online car insurance policy that's personalised just for you.

Flexible Excess
Available with our Comprehensive Cover. You can increase your standard excess from the minimum amount to certain higher amounts. The higher your excess, the lower your premium will be (but the more you will have to pay in the event of a claim).

Rental Car after an Incident 
Available with our Comprehensive Cover. We provide an economy rental car for up to 14 days up to the per-day limit while your motor vehicle is being repaired or replaced as a result of an incident we cover other than theft.

After-Market Accessories 
Available with our Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft cover types. We reimburse for damage to certain permanently installed after-market accessories. You select the amount of cover you want, up to $2,000.

Here's how our Flexible Options compare to those from traditional insurers: View comparison chart.

Note that this is only a summary of our flexible options. Please see our PDS for more information on our car insurance cover options.