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Paperless Car Insurance

Go Paperless! Less clutter, less cost.

Put simply, get your insurance documents by email or from your PD Online account instead of in the mail box.

PD saves a lot of time and money with our new 100% online car insurance alternative. Now we let our customers avoid the clutter and waste of paper based documentation typically associated with car insurance. Our customers are saving more money, and doing their bit for the environment.

A fair bit of paper is used for the average car insurance customer each year. Typically you have:

  1. A welcome letter.
  2. A hard copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (your policy document).
  3. An Insurance Certificate setting out the particular dates, terms and details of your individual policy.
  4. Specific documents like a Certificate of Currency you might request.
  5. Confirmation of any changes you make to your policy, like changing address, car or driver information.
  6. Then each year you’ll get a Renewal Invitation, and Renewal Certificate to confirm your renewal.
  7. And for any claim, you may have another round of paper based communication to process.

With PD’s 100% online car insurance, we do away with all this paper clutter.

Instead, we communicate all of the information you would typically get by snail mail, electronically. Our paperless platform shares information with our customers via:

  • An online account. You can log in 24x7 to view, print and change any of your policy information. You can even generate a certificate of currency for your finance company amongst a range of other things you would ordinarily do via a call centre or post.
  • Emails to confirm your policy and renewal information.
  • SMS texting confirmations for upcoming renewals, or payment reminders.
  • Online claims reporting that tracks all your claim information.

In a nutshell, here are the benefits of Paperless Car Insurance:

Less Cost

Our paperless solutions mean less cost for us, and more savings for you. Being paperless saves us on paper, postage, and time. Our paperless policy solutions mean it’s easier to communicate with our customers in comparison to traditional paper based policies.

Less Clutter

No one likes excess paper clutter at work or in the home. Paperless policies help eliminate the clutter since all your policy information and paperwork is now online within your PD online account and can be accessed anytime anywhere. Even by reporting your claim online with PD means all that information associated with the claim is stored online, so you don’t have to track, sort through and store any paper documentation. If you ever need to check a detail on your policy or print a certificate of currency or other policy document, you simply log in to your account and access everything there.

Better for the Environment

Save money with paperless car insurance, but also feel good that you are doing your bit for the environment. Paperless car insurance reduces the waste of paper and, energy needed to post the documents, and it means we don’t need to mail you something every time there is a change to your policy. Lend the environment a helping hand and choose a paperless car insurance solution from PD.

Not Internet Savvy?

Paperless car insurance by definition means you will need to access your policy online. With PD, you must have a valid email account, a mobile phone and access to the Internet in order to buy a policy from us. So, if you are not Internet savvy it may not be the best choice for you. A more traditional policy may be more suitable, even if it means paying extra for it. Some consumers prefer a physical document stating what they purchased, and would rather file that at home than deal with the internet.

Like the idea of paperless car insurance? Get a PD 100% online car insurance quote now and start saving money, time and paper!