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How do I file a complaint?

We aim to provide a combination of great cover and service, at a low cost. Our customers help us achieve this by managing their policy 100% online, reporting claims online and using our PD repair network for any repairs to their vehicle.

For each claim we issue a survey to monitor how well we're going, and take this seriously.

If you do have an issue we will do our utmost to resolve it within 15 days of receiving your formal complaint.

Please follow these steps to resolve an issue with us:

  • Discuss your issue with the PD representative you're working with or email us at
  • If you can't resolve your complaint you can elevate your complaint by sending an email to
  • If the Internal Dispute Resolution representative cannot resolve the matter within 15 days, you can appeal to the Financial Ombudsman Service by calling 1800 367 287 or by email at

Still having trouble? Contact a PD Online representative