Are Car Insurance Online Quotes Accurate?

Previously, getting quotes for your car insurance was tough work. You would have had to call each insurance company one by one, repeat the same questions and (worse!) listen to the same old marketing spiels. Today, you can get a quote for your car insurance online in a matter of minutes, review type of coverage you want, and compare car insurance prices from different companies all at once so that you can find the cheapest car insurance policy for your circumstances. This online quote service seems great, but do they actually work? And just how accurate are they?  

Here are some tips to help you get a more accurate car insurance quote online.  

Knowing the different types of online car insurance quotes 

Car insurance online quotes generally fall under two categories:  

Provided by the company  

The first type of online quoting system is offered by the Insurer themselves. The great thing about this type of online insurance quote is that you get the most recent, accurate quotes, and they ask specific questions that relate to their policy which a comparison site may not take into account. PD Insurance falls into this category and we offer car insurance discounts for a range of factors that a comparison site may not take into account during the initial quote!  

Third party 

The second type of online quoting system lets you compare rates from various insurance providers. All you need to do is enter your vehicle details, driving history, and then get matched to potential insurers. If you're shopping around and looking to narrow down your search to just a few providers, this kind of online quoting system can be helpful to start the process. 

So just how accurate are these online quotes?  

The accuracy of your insurance quote depends on how much information is requested from you and how thorough you are with providing all the necessary information. If the forms are incomplete, you will obtain inaccurate quotes. So, here are a few things to keep in mind:  

1. Know your driver's license details 

You might think it to be a trivial detail but ensuring your driver’s license details are right is important. Your driver's license number and issue date allow the company to verify your qualifications for car insurance discounts. So be sure to double check those numbers! 

2. Be ready with your personal and vehicle information 

Before you get an online quote, gather all your personal and vehicle information together. This will guarantee that you get an accurate quote. This generally includes 

  • Your address 
  • The year, make, and model of your car 
  • The number of cars you want to insure 
  • Your prior insurance history 
  • Date of birth 

3. Know your needs  

Before you settle on an insurer, create an exact list of what you need and want from your car insurance policy. For example, if your household owns more than one car, you might want to look for a company that offers multi car insurance policies. If you're new to driving, opt for an insurer that caters specifically to younger drivers to avoid steep rates.  

4. Be honest about your driving history 

Your driving history can affect the rates you get. Naturally, most car insurance companies base their rates on how likely you are to run into an accident. At PD, we ask you to disclose any motor insurance claims for the past 5 years, regardless of fault. If you conceal any history regarding any violations or claims, an insurer might refuse to offer you a policy or raise your premiums. Car insurance providers perform a thorough check of your record so it's best to just come clean about it. 

5. Your current living arrangements 

You may sometimes find you are asked questions relating to home ownership, education and other factors.  These are all considered in order to maximise the level of discount available to you.  They may be an indication of your ability to pay on time or be responsible in the way you use your vehicle. 

Getting a car insurance quote online is a great way to save time. You can compare rates faster and get a car insurance policy without going through many hoops. But just like any other service, don't settle for the first car insurance company that you come across.  

If you are using a comparison tool, then remember to cross check your quote on the insurers own website as you may find there are some additional discounts available to you. 

Investing a little more time at this stage of the process will make it easier to find the right car insurance policy at the best price. PD Insurance offers comprehensive car insurance at affordable rates. Get your online quote today! 

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