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Car insurance is important during car theft

Car Insurance Coverage After Theft

  With a recent report showing over 54,000 vehicles were stolen in Australia during just one year, it makes sense to protect your car. You can do this two ways – through anti-theft measures (to help prevent theft) and car insurance (to help recover financially). We

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Prevent your car from a thief breaking in

Simple Daily Habits to Help Prevent Car Theft

  How theft-proof is your car? You rely on it every day to help you get to work, enjoy life and look after your family. It’s stressful, inconvenient and expensive to be without it, so it pays to better protect your car from theft. In

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Holidaying with pets including a cat on harness

Tips for Travelling with Dogs, Cats and Horses

  Taking your furry bestie on a holiday IS possible with good planning. First, visit this blog for an overarching view of just how achievable it is and to explore some of our tips to hassle-free holidaying pets.   Already read it? Continue on…   Because

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travelling and camping with dogs

Travelling with Pets: Your Ultimate Guide

  Dreaming of a beautiful, busy, beach-side break? Or, maybe you’re keen for a relaxing road-trip that ends with you kicking back around the campfire. Perhaps it’s a city escape that floats your boat. Like the 62% of Aussie households who own a pet, your furry

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Sneakered feet standing on ground below chalked writing spelling car insurance myths and facts

5 Car Insurance Myths You Should Stop Believing

  There are so many myths when it comes to comprehensive car insurance. We know it can be difficult to get your head around what’s real and what’s not. There’s so much info out there that, unsurprisingly, sometimes we’re tempted to simply go with the

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Understanding Your Car Insurance Excess Payment

You’ve heard of an ‘excess payment’ when reading up on comprehensive car insurance – an exciting read for anyone, right? But what does it really mean and why are you paying it? Should you choose a high excess or a low one – what’s the

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How to Check the Oil in Your Car

  For any driver, an important car maintenance chore is checking and changing the oil. Believe us – an oil check is a simple process.   Oil is a crucial component because it lubricates the motor’s moving parts. This lubrication reduces friction, which in turn

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Female driver enjoying improved driving confidence as she looks out to ocean sunset

How To Become A More Confident Driver

  Donning your driver’s cap and taking on the road is an enjoyable experience for most people. However, some of us find driving a daunting activity. Rest easy – driving confidence can be gained.   Becoming more self-assured behind the wheel does take time and practice

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Top 5 Tips for Surviving Family Road Trips

It’s the weekend, hooray! Is it time to shake off the working week and experience life somewhere else for a while? Perhaps heading on a family road trip is in order?   If the anticipation of this sort of driving adventure fills you with equal

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