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Mercedes driverless car is future car technology

Cool New Car Tech for Savvy Women

  These days, we spend so much time in our cars. And whether it’s our daily work commute (ugh), a cheeky weekend away with family (go on then) or a ‘Thelma & Louise’ style road trip with girlfriends (oh, yes please), what we look for

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car tyre pressure pump attached to tyre

Why Is Car Tyre Pressure So Important

  As much as cars are a reliable companion, they can bring with them ongoing commitments bearing hefty price tags. This ranges upwards of $8,203 for a small car each year. One of the simplest maintenance tasks you can perform yourself is keeping your car

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What You Should Know About Car Safety Recalls

There’s been significant talk about car safety recalls lately. Particularly the Takata airbag recall that continues to affect thousands of Australian cars.   It sounds scary, but not all recalls are dangerous and often take hardly any time to get resolved. Keep reading for the inside

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Woman holding coffee enjoying caravan holidays looking at mountains

The Pro’s Guide to Confident Caravan Holidays

Is a stress-free break in the great outdoors with friends or family calling your name? Have you considered caravan holidays? They might be easier to achieve than you think.   You might love the freedom and sense of adventure camping offers, but don’t want to

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Little girl loves car safety ratings

What Are Car Safety Ratings?

  In Australia we rely heavily on cars in our everyday life – with more than 50% of households owning two or more cars. Car safety ratings should be a consideration every time we purchase a vehicle.   While the numbers of road fatalities are

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Insurance protection for bad weather is crucial to peace of mind

Car Insurance Protection for Bad Weather

You might be good at keeping your car safe when not on the road, but how do you protect it when driving. Hectic weather can strike at any time, leaving your car damaged and potentially out of action. Do you have what you need when

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Car accessory hangs from revision mirror

Primping Your Car: Consider The Possibilities

  Ever thought about primping your car, as in doing a car makeover to maximise its good looks? The dancing dashboard hula girl is personalisation passé these days. Read on for our thoughts about cute car accessories for women…   Take On a Car Makeover

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Car insurance is important during car theft

Car Insurance Coverage After Theft

  With a recent report showing over 54,000 vehicles were stolen in Australia during just one year, it makes sense to protect your car. You can do this two ways – through anti-theft measures (to help prevent theft) and car insurance (to help recover financially). We

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