Best Small Cars to Buy in Australia Right Now

Looking for low on petrol and easy to park? If you’re nodding, small cars are probably right up your street. But with so many makes and models on the market, how can you be sure which one to get… That’s where PD Insurance steps in. We’ve compiled facts, specs and other figures on the best … Read more

Does Dog Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions Exist: Yay or Nay?

Owner got a pet plan early to avoid dog insurance for pre existing conditions ineligibility.

Is there such a thing as dog insurance for pre-existing conditions? At this time, pre-existing medical cover isn’t available in Australia. Generally speaking, health insurance is only designed to provide financial protection against incidents that occur after your plan starts and your waiting periods are complete. This applies whether it’s insurance for pets, or insurance … Read more

10 Quick Hacks for Dog Friendly Camping Trips

dog on camping trip lying in tent overlooking mountains

Looking for dog friendly camping trips to enjoy with your furkid in tow? Well, it makes perfect sense. We’re a nation of dog lovers, beach lovers, and nature lovers – so why wouldn’t you want to combine all three for your getaway? We have some tips below to make everything go a little more smoothly. … Read more

Top 5 Must-Knows for Buying an Electric Car

potential buyer finds out about the best electric cars in Australia at the EOFY car sales

The market for electric cars in Australia is definitely on the upswing and that’s being recognised by consumers, businesses and government alike. If you’re considering buying one, you’re not alone. According to Reuters, to help cater to this increased interest the government pledged $178 million in late 2021 to roll out more hydrogen refuelling and … Read more

Does My Dog Have Cushing’s Disease? Symptoms, Treatment and More

A dog with Cushing’s disease that is progressing slowly

Dogs are extremely loving – and they love to talk! Sure they don’t use words… a madly flapping tail or juicy kiss says it best. According to them anyway. That said, they can’t tell you they have Cushing’s disease so you need to recognise if symptoms start to present. Why? Because a dog with Cushing’s … Read more

All About The Golden Retriever

golden retriever

With its feathery coat and soulful eyes, its no wonder the Golden Retriever is such a popular dog. In fact, Goldies were Australia’s most Googled dog last year – hitting a whopping 1.7 million searches. If you’re considering buying or adopting one or just want to know more about them, here’s more about the breed, … Read more

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