Australia’s Famous Dogs and How They Saved Lives

australian cattle dog like Max, one of the famous dogs who saved a toddler

Dogs really are our best friends. Aside from giving us tons of love and saving us from boredom and loneliness (especially during endless lockdowns!) they’ve also saved us from much bigger things. Here, we look at famous dogs who saved lives and came to the rescue when we needed them most. If you know of … Read more

Construction Works and Keeping Pets Happy

man with pet labrador dog doing construction work with sander

Imagine being a pet in the midst of construction works or renovation. One day you’re lazing around in your usual sunny spot by the window, and next you’re hearing banging, smelling strange paint smells, and watching strangers walk in and out of your garden. The sheer audacity! You might not know exactly what’s going on, … Read more

How To Make A High Mileage Car Last Longer

couple having picnic in front of blue old high mileage car

The average Australian car is over 10 years old. Nowadays, a high mileage car doesn’t mean a rust bucket. With car engineering and technology improving at a rapid rate, modern cars are built to last. With regular care and maintenance, cars are no longer considered dead in the water at 150,000kms. In fact, most cars … Read more

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Dogs

miniature pinscher licking paw which can be a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder in dogs

Obsessive compulsive disorder in dogs might sound like something an overly anxious owner made up, but it’s a real affliction. Sometimes also known as canine compulsive disorder, it’s not dissimilar to OCD in humans. However, it manifests differently in dogs than in humans, as you’d expect. And without a dog psychic (though you can learn … Read more

Pug: Breed Profile, Health, and History

pug lying down on floor

The Pug… ahhhh what a sight. With their wrinkly little faces and adorable snores, it’s not hard to see why they’re popular pets. But did you know they’re actually one of the oldest dog breeds around? Find out more about where these adorable companions originated from, what they love and hate, and what health issues … Read more

Doing Makeup While Driving: Why It’s a No-No

woman doing lipstick makeup in side mirror while driving

We’ve all seen someone doing makeup while driving or pulled up at traffic lights.. In the crazy rush of the morning or after a busy day at work, it can be hard to find the time to get yourself ready and looking your best. Adding a little touch of mascara on your way to the … Read more

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