Car Insurance For Young Drivers: Why Is It More Expensive?

teenage young driver has insurance for the red car he is driving

You’d be looking into car insurance for young drivers if you’re aged under 25 and have either just scored your driving licence or are facing car insurance renewal. So too if your teenager finally has a licence (congratulations is in order, isn’t it? 😉) You’ll have noticed that it costs more than car insurance for … Read more

Exercising Your Dog Without Walking

you can exercise your dog without walking by swimming with them like this brunette woman and her labrador puppy

Active Dog Month has got us walking, running, and keeping our dogs fit and healthy. But maybe you need some ideas for exercising your dog without walking? Walks are the most-often used method of exercise for our canine friends, but for some of us it just isn’t possible. That might be because your roads or … Read more

Do I Need A Car Insurance Policy If I’m Not Driving?

white car in garage - if your car will be parked and not used you might not need a car insurance policy

You probably know by now that a comprehensive car insurance policy is recommended for safeguarding your finances from driving-related accidents and incidents. But if you’re not planning on driving over the next few months, do you really need car insurance? Or can you go insurance-free to save a few bucks while you’re away from the … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?