All About the Russian Blue (or is that Grey?)

russian blue cat relaxing on bed with white sheets looking up at camera

The Russian Blue cat is one of the prettiest out there, with that beautiful charcoal sheen and bright eyes. But it also has quite an interesting history. While most cat breeds were created intentionally, the Russian Blue came about slightly more….well, coincidentally. From their origins to cool facts about the Russian Blue, here’s our 101 … Read more

Xylitol and Dogs – Why Is It So Dangerous?

tan dog getting medicine injected after eating xylitol

Let’s not beat around the bush: the consumption of xylitol by dogs can be fatal. For humans, it’s a useful alternative to sugar and is diabetic-friendly. For dogs, it’s downright dangerous. While humans and dogs share loads of things, from beds to dinners, xylitol shouldn’t make that list. You’d be surprised to hear that xylitol … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?