More Aussies Are Giving Up Their Pet to a Shelter

safeguard against giving your pet to a shelter

At the start of COVID, news sites and social media were abuzz with the record breaking increase in pet adoption. Now, however, many are giving up a pet to a shelter because they can no longer care for them. Pandemic pressure has taken a toll on people and pets, with shelters once again becoming overcrowded. … Read more

National Pet Day: Let’s Donate to Animal Shelters

Let’s celebrate National Pet Day this Sunday 11 April by donating to animal shelters and helping to give a better life to abandoned animals like this kitten..

Let’s celebrate National Pet Day this Sunday 11 April by donating to animal shelters. As a nation of pet lovers, what better than to remember pets who don’t have their own people to love them. If each of us donates a little time, money, or unneeded stuff, we can help abandoned animals with a soft … Read more

First Time Pet Owner: Preparing Mentally

This first time pet owner ensures cables run behind the couch so pup won't chew them.

Is becoming a first time pet owner occupying all kinds of awesome daydreams at the moment? Is your work ending up on the backburner while you Google puppies and/or kittens instead? Does imagining being a pet parent make the coffee taste even better? If you’re getting ready to take the leap, you’ll want to be … Read more

Friendliest Cat Breeds to Welcome to Your Household

Friendliest cat breeds to welcome to your household

Are you prepping to welcome a new kitten into your heart and home for the first time? Or you want to get an affectionate purr-ball for your kids as the newest addition to your family? For a match made in heaven, look no further. Get to know the friendliest cat breeds by stepping right this way. … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?