How To Make A High Mileage Car Last Longer

couple having picnic in front of blue old high mileage car

The average Australian car is over 10 years old. Nowadays, a high mileage car doesn’t mean a rust bucket. With car engineering and technology improving at a rapid rate, modern cars are built to last. With regular care and maintenance, cars are no longer considered dead in the water at 150,000kms. In fact, most cars … Read more

Is Capped Price Servicing Worth It?

this car is being serviced probably by a local mechanic not capped price servicing

Looking at cars and not sure about all the terminology? Buyers often ask about capped price servicing, what it covers, and whether it’s worthwhile. Car jargon can be confusing, and unless you’ve spent a lot of time with your car in a garage recently (hopefully not!) you likely won’t know how much to expect to … Read more

What Car Maintenance Tasks Can Australians Perform?

We recently asked 1,000 comprehensive car insurance policyholders what car maintenance tasks they knew how to perform. Then out of curiosity we broke it down into men versus women and generation vs generation… Yep, battle of the sexes and wrinkles right here. We used 16 measures, covering everything from changing a tyre and putting in … Read more

How Dangerous is Windscreen Damage?

They’re right in front of us when we’re on the road but we rarely think about our windscreens unless we can’t see through them properly. Even then, hands up if you’ve spent days, months or even years driving around with a chip in your windscreen taunting you every time it catches your eye? Days, yes. … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?