Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

ginger cat in grass

If you’ve noticed your kitty sat outside chewing on the green stuff, and thought “why do cats eat grass?” you’re not alone. It’s a common search term according to Google, so there must be lots of perplexed cat owners wondering why their fur kid would choose grass over…well…anything else. Oh, and if you’re a dog … Read more

5 Things New Kitten Parents Need to Know

PD Insurance: adopt a rescue animal

New kitten parents are the envy of most people. Firstly, they have a new baby. Secondly, the baby is fluffy with cuteness measuring off the radar. Thirdly, the baby can walk, talk (albeit cat) and eat all on its own. However, there’s still the issue of the new kitten pooping inside (on the floor, on … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?