A cat’s purr – decoding the meaning behind it

This cat’s purr is sign of happiness.

Cats purr for a myriad of reasons, from health to happiness. A contented purring cat on your lap will likely boost your mood too. There’s something so satisfying about that whirring propeller sound churning away. So, if you’re wondering what the meaning behind a cat’s purr is, we’ll tell you all. Grab your popcorn, make … Read more

Flying with Pets this Easter Holiday

These two dogs are on their way to the airport for an Easter holiday, travelling by air.

Are you thinking of flying with pets this Easter holiday? If you are it wouldn’t be surprising. So too if you’re thinking about a roadtrip with your pet (if so, read our simple ways to pet proof your car). Since COVID-19 hit, many of us have become even more attached to our fur-legged friends. We … Read more

Sleeping with Your Cat – It’s Mutually Beneficial

This women knows that sleeping with your cat has emotional and health benefits.

Sleeping with your cat or kitten can have enormous wellness benefits. But as with many parenting decisions, there are some drawbacks too. So, if you do decide to let your meow in bed with you when they’re still small, make sure it’s an informed decision. They won’t feel happy if you change your mind later… … Read more

Love Your Pet Day: Pet Parents Have Their Say

This pup and kitten are celebrating Love your Pet Day with an afternoon nap.

Love Your Pet Day is only one day a year!? Surely that’s not enough for us pet parents? We need 365 days at the bare minimum. And some. To prove that’s how we feel about our pets, PD Insurance dug a little deeper with some research over the ditch. To celebrate international ‘Love Your Pet Day’ … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccination for Pets: What You Need to Know

Dogs can get coronavirus, but so far they don't get symptoms.

COVID-19 vaccination for pets – is this something pet parents may need to start considering? It’s a question being raised by scientists and vets alike, and research has already begun. What we know for sure is that pets and other animals do get the virus. To date, although people have given cats and dogs coronavirus (as in … Read more

COVID-19 in Animals: Pet Safety During Pandemic

Cats have been known to test positive for coronavirus.

COVID-19 in animals is something we’ve all heard about. As pet parents, we may be wondering if this poses a threat to our pet. Could they catch the coronavirus? And is there a vaccine for pets? After all, humans first contracted the virus from an animal (which means it can jump between species). We’re just … Read more

Spay and Neuter – Should You Desex Your Cat

Understand the benefits and drawbacks of spaying or neutering your cat.

Should you spay and neuter your pets? This is the question on many an animal lover’s lips. It’s a topic avidly debated in pet parenting circles, vet circles and in the general google hemisphere. Why? Firstly, many animal experts believe spaying (female pets) / neutering (male pets) – or desexing – is good for your … Read more

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