Dry Cat Food or Wet? How to Choose

wet vs dry cat food; cat tries both

Are you a kitten or cat parent? And have you ever found yourself questioning dry cat food vs wet and wondering which is best for your feline friend? It’s a common question among cat parents, especially with all the variables on price point and health benefits. The answer isn’t black and white (nor is it … Read more

Pets and Breakups: How to Protect Furkids

pets and breakups - who keeps the pet?

Pets and breakups are like chalk and cheese. On the one hand we have pets who love and comfort us – it’s all about bonding and feeling good. On the other hand we have breakups, which are never nice even when they’re necessary. So navigating a breakup where both partners share a bond with the … Read more

3 Ugly Cat Breeds That Make Purrrfect Pets

Sphynx is sometimes called an ugly cat breed

Ugly cat breeds are all the rage these days; you could say they’re ‘the new black’ of cat high fashion. On a side note, we might add that ugly is merely a matter of interpretation. After all, one person’s ugly is most certainly another person’s cute. For example, if you love Gizmo from the Gremlins, … Read more

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

ginger cat in grass

If you’ve noticed your kitty sat outside chewing on the green stuff, and thought “why do cats eat grass?” you’re not alone. It’s a common search term according to Google, so there must be lots of perplexed cat owners wondering why their fur kid would choose grass over…well…anything else. Oh, and if you’re a dog … Read more

Kitten and Cat Health Checklist

kitten who is in good health

Having your cat health checklist prepared before you commit to getting a young cat or kitten is the best thing you can do for your new pet. At around six weeks old, a kitten will stop drinking their mother’s milk, meaning their maternal antibodies will start to wear off. Preparation means your kitten can go … Read more

How to Remove a Tick Properly

A pet owner demonstrates how to remove a tick properly

As Australian pet owners, knowing how to remove a tick comes with the territory so to speak. We live in one of the warmest places on earth and ticks thrive in this climate, especially during the warmer months. We’re also one of the nations with the highest rate of pet ownership on the planet – … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?