When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes?

pet owner contemplates on when do kittens open their eyes

Kittens (and puppies) are undoubtedly one of nature’s great gifts to humankind. When these small furry and adorable creatures first emerge, their eyes are sealed shut. Which begs the question: When oh when do kittens open their eyes? For cat mums and dads – or parents to be – this is a key question. One … Read more

How to Stop Your Pet Getting Hit by Cars

Dog is in danger of not knowing pet road safety as part of its training

There are 17,158,195 cars in Australia. That’s a whole lotta traffic and good reason for teaching our kids road safety. It’s also why pet road safety is vital. According to the Conversation 10 million animals are hit by cars in our country each year. Many of these are dogs and cats. Pets colliding with cars … Read more

What is Third Party Liability in Pet Insurance?

third party liability pet insurance pays the bill for this neighbour's door

Pet insurance is all about protecting your pet and your pocket at the same time, right? Well, actually, it can be even more than that. Third party liability pet insurance not only protects your pocket from your pet, it can help protect other people and property from your pet too. But what is third party … Read more

Does Dog Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions Exist: Yay or Nay?

Owner got a pet plan early to avoid dog insurance for pre existing conditions ineligibility.

Is there such a thing as dog insurance for pre-existing conditions? At this time, pre-existing medical cover isn’t available in Australia. Generally speaking, health insurance is only designed to provide financial protection against incidents that occur after your plan starts and your waiting periods are complete. This applies whether it’s insurance for pets, or insurance … Read more

Average Cat Weight: Is Yours Under, Over or Just Right?

Women wonders if her cat is over the average cat weight

Is there an average cat weight? No. It’s pretty obvious that all cats are designed differently. For instance, a sleek Siamese cat won’t have the same average weight as a majestic Maine Coon. Breed, bone structure, gender, age and various health conditions all play a role. More importantly, each cat has its ideal weight. And … Read more

Adopting an Adult Cat for Love Your Pet Day

adopting an adult cat

In keeping with this week’s loved up theme… Did you know the 20th of February is Love Your Pet Day? Why not celebrate by looking into adopting an adult cat? After all, this internationally recognised day is all about celebrating the world’s fur kids and giving them that little bit extra. One way you can … Read more

Is Schrodinger’s Cat Dead or Alive?

Schrödinger's cat

Is Schrodinger’s cat dead or alive? That’s probably the first question you’ll ask when you hear Schrodinger’s theory, which goes something like this: If a cat is in a box with a deadly substance that has a 50/50 chance of killing it within a given timeframe, until we open the box to find out is … Read more

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