Leaving Your Cat Home Alone: How Long Is Too Long?

cat home alone looking through blinds

Cats are famously independent, and many people believe their cats can, to some extent, fend for themselves. Leaving your cat home alone for an extended period isn’t something frowned upon, whereas it is for dogs. While the latter have been studied extensively, there is much less research on cats. This leaves cat parents with few … Read more

Kennels vs pet sitters: How to find the right holiday pet care

woman with white dog on grass

With the festive season fast approaching, pet parents everywhere are wondering about the best holiday care for their pet. Kennels vs pet sitters, cattery vs a neighbour visiting, small and intimate vs large and social? Or perhaps even a luxury pet hotel. As much as we’d like to take them evvvverywhere with us, sometimes we have … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?