Retired Greyhounds… Are They the Perfect Pet?

woman kissing black and white greyhound

Australia is one of only seven countries worldwide where Greyhound racing still happens. Here, it’s a thriving sport with betting and crowds, similar to horseracing. Naturally, this means there are plenty of retired Greyhounds in Australia needing adoption. There are also plenty of organisations dedicated specifically to rehoming retired racing Greyhounds. Like human and equine … Read more

Bringing Home an Adopted Dog: What You Need

Bringing home an adopted dog can bring many family benefits

So, you’ve decided on bringing home an adopted dog. Pet parenting, here you come! Hopefully, you’ve already thought about key costs and the positives as well as the potential negatives. (If you haven’t, read part one in this series, our Dog adoption checklist for new pup parents). Now let’s look at what you need to bring … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?