Exercising Your Dog Without Walking

you can exercise your dog without walking by swimming with them like this brunette woman and her labrador puppy

Active Dog Month has got us walking, running, and keeping our dogs fit and healthy. But maybe you need some ideas for exercising your dog without walking? Walks are the most-often used method of exercise for our canine friends, but for some of us it just isn’t possible. That might be because your roads or … Read more

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need? We Explore For Active Dog Month

this white and brown collie dog is waiting on the pavement to get exercise by going on a walk

Almost half of Australian dogs are overweight or obese, according to research. Are you making sure your dog is getting enough exercise? To mark Active Dog Month this April, we’re tackling the often-asked question of “how much exercise does a dog need?” We’ll also look at how best to exercise your dog, and why different … Read more

DIY Dog Walking Kit – Preparation is Key

Use the dog walking kit for puppy training

So, you’re going walkies or runsies? Read on – you need this dog walking kit to keep the ‘mis’ out of misadventure! Pooches must poop, they get dirty, and it could rain. While you can’t take the kennel and all the toys along, you do want to be prepared for the adventures ahead. For that, you … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?