Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

hip dysplasia is common in german shepherd dogs

Hip dysplasia in dogs is quite common in breeds like the Labrador, Golden Retriever, and German Shepherd. It’s a disorder that happens because the dog’s hip joint doesn’t develop correctly. As with many hereditary conditions, it tends to be more of an issue in certain purebred dogs and less of an issue with others. If … Read more

Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs and Cats

dog itching could have fleas and needs flea and tick treatment

They say prevention is the best cure. And when it comes to flea and tick treatment for dogs and cats, that’s definitely true. Because fleas and ticks aren’t just uncomfortable and unsightly, they can also be dangerous for pets. With both ticks and fleas being common in Australia, Aussie dog and cat owners have to … Read more

Snake Bites and Your Pets

terrier dog bites snake

Snake bites aren’t just a concern for humans in Australia. If you have pets, a snake bite could be fatal. And with Australia home to a vast amount of venomous snakes, it’s sensible to be prepared and do your homework on snake bites in animals. Here we look at why dogs are worse affected than … Read more

Dachshund: All About the Sausage Dog

brown dachshund running on grass

The Dachshund is sometimes called a sausage dog. Especially by kids who might find the breed’s real name a bit hard to pronounce. But though you might think it’s because they look a little bit like sausages with legs, it’s actually sausages which are named after the dog. Not the other way round. What we … Read more

Kids and dogs: Respecting Each Other’s Boundaries

Teaching dogs and kids how to respect each other’s boundaries is crucial to child safety.

‘Kids and dogs’ is a big keyphrase in the news these days. Dog bites continue to result in children being wounded, some scarred and even worse. Sadly, many of these kids may never experience the joy of one day having their own dog because of the painful memories. Situations like these can and obviously ought … Read more

Common Plants That Are Toxic To Pets

golden puppy sitting in fields of flowers - this plant isn't toxic but many others are

With over 24,000 species of plants native to Australia, it’s no surprise we’re a nation of greenery-lovers. Things may look rosy for those with green thumbs, but not so for animals who discover common plants that are toxic to pets. With the pandemic keeping people (and pets) mostly inside their homes, house plants – or … Read more

Labrador Retriever: Top Dog Breeds

Labradors Retrievers are Australia’s top dog.

The Labrador Retriever is Australia’s top dog. According to the Australian National Kennel Council, Labs have consistently accounted for the highest proportion of registrations across dog breed types for the past 10 years! This isn’t to say we don’t love all dogs (and cats), but that Labs have a special place in our hearts. We … Read more

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