Can Dogs Eat Vegemite?

can dogs eat vegemite?

Dogs eat everything from sofas to shoes. But the question remains, can dogs eat Vegemite? According to Google’s algorithm it’s a question Aussie pet owners are frequently searching for. And we’re stepping in to give you the answer. That’s right, we don’t just insure pets. We make it our business to understand their quirks and … Read more

Wondering Why Your Dog Isn’t Eating?

can dogs eat

The only thing worse than your dog eating everything is your dog not eating at all. Because after all it’s a time-worn tradition and virtually a dog motto to eat as much as possible. Anywhere you look in dog history, our perky pups are faithfully by our side, ready to eat any scrap we leave … Read more

Don’t Leave Pets in Hot Cars! Here’s Why

brown dog in car with window open so it isn't hot

With spring in swing the warmer weather is starting to make its appearance. But while you’re basking in the sunshine, take a moment to remind yourself of the dangers of leaving cats and dogs in hot cars. It’s true most of us know we shouldn’t do it. That said, it’s all too easy to bend … Read more

Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs and Cats

dog itching could have fleas and needs flea and tick treatment

They say prevention is the best cure. And when it comes to flea and tick treatment for dogs and cats, that’s definitely true. Because fleas and ticks aren’t just uncomfortable and unsightly, they can also be dangerous for pets. With both ticks and fleas being common in Australia, Aussie dog and cat owners have to … Read more

Snake Bites and Your Pets

terrier dog bites snake

Snake bites aren’t just a concern for humans in Australia. If you have pets, a snake bite could be fatal. And with Australia home to a vast amount of venomous snakes, it’s sensible to be prepared and do your homework on snake bites in animals. Here we look at why dogs are worse affected than … Read more

Construction Works and Keeping Pets Happy

man with pet labrador dog doing construction work with sander

Imagine being a pet in the midst of construction works or renovation. One day you’re lazing around in your usual sunny spot by the window, and next you’re hearing banging, smelling strange paint smells, and watching strangers walk in and out of your garden. The sheer audacity! You might not know exactly what’s going on, … Read more

DIY Dog Walking Kit – Preparation is Key

Use the dog walking kit for puppy training

So, you’re going walkies or runsies? Read on – you need this dog walking kit to keep the ‘mis’ out of misadventure! Pooches must poop, they get dirty, and it could rain. While you can’t take the kennel and all the toys along, you do want to be prepared for the adventures ahead. For that, you … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?