Pets As Christmas Gifts – Think Before You Buy

If you have an animal-mad child or partner, the idea of getting pets as Christmas gifts can seem like a wonderful gesture. After all, who wouldn’t be thrilled with the gift of an adorable puppy or new feline friend for Christmas? While a new furry, scaly, hairy or feathery family member can definitely make the … Read more

Bringing Home an Adopted Dog: What You Need

Bringing home an adopted dog can bring many family benefits

So, you’ve decided on bringing home an adopted dog. Pet parenting, here you come! Hopefully, you’ve already thought about key costs and the positives as well as the potential negatives. (If you haven’t, read part one in this series, our Dog adoption checklist for new pup parents). Now let’s look at what you need to bring … Read more

Try This Delicious ‘Dognut’ Recipe!

Your dog deserves to be treated with something extra-special – other than the ordinary doggy biscuits – from time to time. So, spoil them with this dog friendly ‘dognut’ recipe! Although it’s tempting to give them the last piece of your cookie or doughnut, it’s best to whip up a dog-friendly treat yourself instead. Sugar … Read more

How to Remove Pet Fur Off Clothes and Furniture

How to Remove Pet Fur Off Clothes and Furniture - PD Insurance

You love your pets – enough that you’ve looked into pet insurance, right? – but find their fur all over your clothes and furniture. Are you ready for these quick fixes to finally remove that pet fur from your wardrobe, furniture, surfaces, and floors? Prep: Vinegar wash FOR THE WIN! CLOTHES & LINEN:  Add ½ cup … Read more

Paws and Listen: Tips for Travelling With Pets

Paws and Listen: Tips for Travelling With Pets - PD Insurance

Dreaming of a beautiful, busy, beach-side break? Or, maybe you’re keen for a relaxing road-trip that ends with you kicking back around the campfire. Like the two thirds of Australians who own a pet, your furry best friend is a beloved member of your family… do you hate the thought of leaving them behind while on holiday? … Read more

Busting The Top 5 Pet Insurance Myths

Busting The Top 5 Pet Insurance Myths - PD Insurance

Australia has one of the highest rates with over 29 million pets as family. Yet the rate of people with pet insurance is much lower than several other developed countries. Below we bust some common pet insurance myths. Whether you’re thinking with your heart or your head you’ll find it simply makes sense… It’s obvious … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?