Electric Cars vs Petrol: Truth or Dare

deciding between electric cars vs petrol can be tricky

The ongoing debate about electric cars vs petrol cars is probably somewhere on your radar. Maybe you’ve anecdotal knowledge or perhaps you’re fairly well researched. It’s probable you’ve heard how electric is greener and that’s good for the planet. You might even be an A-level expert who’s already bought, or are looking into buying, your … Read more

Doing Makeup While Driving: Why It’s a No-No

woman doing lipstick makeup in side mirror while driving

We’ve all seen someone doing makeup while driving or pulled up at traffic lights.. In the crazy rush of the morning or after a busy day at work, it can be hard to find the time to get yourself ready and looking your best. Adding a little touch of mascara on your way to the … Read more

Is Idling Bad for Your Car? Yes, Here’s Why:

Is idling bad for your car, is a topic this driver is curious about.

Is idling bad for your car? Truth be told, it’s not just bad for your car, it’s also doing a great deal of harm to the air and people, especially kids. With today’s climate change crisis and the loss of the Australian ozone, this is a key consideration for all motorists. A Transport Energy/Emission Research … Read more

Green Cars and How to Help the Planet

this campervan at the sea is not a very green car but

Green cars are becoming more important to car buyers and owners these days. The introduction of electric cars into the market has undoubtedly helped, as well as general consumer interest around the environment. Got green guilt and want to do your bit? Us too. If you’re not able to trade your car for something with … Read more

5 Top Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency

this man is adding fuel to his car

Improving fuel efficiency is basically like getting free money. Sort of. If you’re not changing your standard of living but are saving money through some simple habits, we’d call that a massive win. Especially if your car is a bit of a petrol guzzler. Here’s some tips which can help to improve your fuel consumption … Read more

5 Unmistakable Signs You’re Driving In Australia

seeing a kangaroo lying on the road like this is a sure sign that youre driving in australia

Driving in Australia certainly has it’s own unique….perks. Or maybe that should be quirks? From kangaroos to certain billboards, some things are just so unmistakably Aussie that you can’t help but smile. Here are some signs that you’re definitely driving in Australia. In case you forgot, somehow. 1. Hook turns Go to literally any other … Read more

Regional vs Metro Driving Habits Demystified

Many of us imagine that metro driving presents many more dangers.

When it comes to regional vs metro driving habits, are there any trends we need to know about? Anything surprising or strange? Surely your driving style depends on, well, you? It could also depend on where you live or what vehicle you drive. For instance, if you zip around the city in a Honda Civic, … Read more

Dealing With Someone Else’s Road Rage

this woman is dealing wit someone else's road rage

Road rage is more than just a touch of irritability. Coping with road rage isn’t so easy, and not just when it comes to your own frustrations. Dealing with someone else’s road rage is often a scary experience. And, according to research, Aussies aren’t the most easy-going motorists out there. More than 70% of drivers … Read more

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