What is a Cat Café Anyway?

cats relax at a cat café

The cat café concept is fast gaining momentum in Australia and why wouldn’t it – cats are the purrrfect coffee pals. If, like many others, you’re mystified about what exactly a cat café is or you’d simply like to know more, look no further. Whether you’ve wondered if cat cafés are for people or cats, … Read more

What Scents Do Cats Like – Purr-fume?

A kitten explores what scents do cats like

What scents do cats like? Do they like the same scents we do; could fresh laundry, roast chicken and cut roses be their ultimate purr-fume? Or do they like something else entirely unexpected, like dog poop (for argument’s sake)? Cats have up to 200 million scent cells in their noses, whereas humans have just five million. That … Read more

Cat Teeth: Keeping Those Fangs Sparkly

Cat teeth need some input to stay healthy.

Cat teeth stay clean by themselves, right? Erm, wrong. Sadly, where there are teeth, there is plaque, which is essentially a sticky film of bacteria. And yes, this bacteria clings to teeth for dear life, seeking out innovative ways to multiply and conquer. Which is why you, good cat mum and cat dad need to … Read more

What Cat Breed Are You? Discover Your Inner Cat

What Cat breed are You Discover Your Inner Cat

People often ask, “are you a cat person or a dog person?” But today, we’re delving even deeper, into the cat side of things that is. Today the question is what cat breed are you? And by that we mean if you were a cat, what would your cattitude be? For instance, are you a … Read more

Cat Gifts for Your Winter Shopping List

Cat gifts for your winter shopping list

Cats are creatures of comfort, so winter is the ultimate time to get cosy as the temperatures cool. Cat gifts are a great way to make these cooler days a bit more festive and show your feline how much you care. Most cats have a favourite toy, and we’ve compiled a list of our favourite … Read more

Purebred Cats: The Pros And Cons Of Pedigree Explored

Purebred cats like this Siamese can have pros and cons which you can read here:

Purebred cats (and dogs for that matter) can be one of the biggest, most exciting additions to our family. It’s not just because they’re cats, which is great in and of itself. It’s also because it’s a significant and super interesting research process for the avid cat lover.  You can Google just about everything you … Read more

Cats of Instagram: The Best Accounts to Follow

woman in yellow taking selfie with cats for Instagram

Cats have long ruled the internet. In fact, they were basically born ready made for social media. And the cats of Instagram know it. They’re taking no prisoners at the moment, and there’s an overflow of adooorrable content just waiting to be discovered. There’s not much better than an Insta explore tab filled to the … Read more

A Cat’s Purr – Decoding the Meaning Behind It

This cat’s purr is sign of happiness.

Cats purr for a myriad of reasons, from health to happiness. A contented purring cat on your lap will likely boost your mood too. There’s something so satisfying about that whirring propeller sound churning away. So, if you’re wondering what the meaning behind a cat’s purr is, we’ll tell you all. Grab your popcorn, make … Read more

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