Dry Cat Food or Wet? How to Choose

wet vs dry cat food; cat tries both

Are you a kitten or cat parent? And have you ever found yourself questioning dry cat food vs wet and wondering which is best for your feline friend? It’s a common question among cat parents, especially with all the variables on price point and health benefits. The answer isn’t black and white (nor is it … Read more

Kitten and Cat Health Checklist

kitten who is in good health

Having your cat health checklist prepared before you commit to getting a young cat or kitten is the best thing you can do for your new pet. At around six weeks old, a kitten will stop drinking their mother’s milk, meaning their maternal antibodies will start to wear off. Preparation means your kitten can go … Read more

What is a Cat Café Anyway?

cats relax at a cat café

The cat café concept is fast gaining momentum in Australia and why wouldn’t it – cats are the purrrfect coffee pals. If, like many others, you’re mystified about what exactly a cat café is or you’d simply like to know more, look no further. Whether you’ve wondered if cat cafés are for people or cats, … Read more

What Scents Do Cats Like – Purr-fume?

A kitten explores what scents do cats like

What scents do cats like? Do they like the same scents we do; could fresh laundry, roast chicken and cut roses be their ultimate purr-fume? Or do they like something else entirely unexpected, like dog poop (for argument’s sake)? Cats have up to 200 million scent cells in their noses, whereas humans have just five million. That … Read more

Cat Teeth: Keeping Those Fangs Sparkly

Cat teeth need some input to stay healthy.

Cat teeth stay clean by themselves, right? Erm, wrong. Sadly, where there are teeth, there is plaque, which is essentially a sticky film of bacteria. And yes, this bacteria clings to teeth for dear life, seeking out innovative ways to multiply and conquer. Which is why you, good cat mum and cat dad need to … Read more

Purebred Cats: The Pros And Cons Of Pedigree Explored

Purebred cats like this Siamese can have pros and cons which you can read here:

Purebred cats (and dogs for that matter) can be one of the biggest, most exciting additions to our family. It’s not just because they’re cats, which is great in and of itself. It’s also because it’s a significant and super interesting research process for the avid cat lover.  You can Google just about everything you … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?