Why Dogs Eat Grass – We Explain Here

why dogs eat grass is a mystery to many

Why dogs eat grass is something most pup parents wonder about. And what’s more, why do they seem to enjoy it so much? It can’t be easy nibbling on wafer-thin fronds of fresh greens so tiny and delicate that energy consumption per blade must surely outweigh energy gained? Yet Bella seems wholeheartedly committed to keeping … Read more

Why Do Dogs Bark (and How You Can Help)

dalmatian dog barking

Why do dogs bark?’ is something every frustrated dog parent has asked themselves at some point. Especially if your dog goes on looong monologues that fill the passage or the street with dog vowels. Even more so if you’ve discovered an angry note in your letterbox about your dog’s not-so-neighbourly vocalisations. Reasons why dogs bark … Read more

Why Dogs Chase Cats and How You Can Help

Why Dogs Chase Cats and How You Can Help - PD Insurance

We know that cats and dogs like to chase different things. The situation becomes sticky when they live together, or cross paths as neighbours, and dog goes after kitty. Here’s why dogs chase cats and what you can do about it. Different games It might be a game, or there might be more to it. … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?