Christmas Dinner Recipes for Pets. Get Cooking!

dog and cat Christmas dinner recipes satisfy this pair of pets

This festive season we’ve put together dog and cat Christmas dinner recipes that are fun and safe for your furry friends. We know how difficult it can be not to share some scraps of succulent turkey off your plate with pooch or a sliver of honey basted ham with your cat. But beware – many … Read more

Dry Cat Food or Wet? How to Choose

wet vs dry cat food; cat tries both

Are you a kitten or cat parent? And have you ever found yourself questioning dry cat food vs wet and wondering which is best for your feline friend? It’s a common question among cat parents, especially with all the variables on price point and health benefits. The answer isn’t black and white (nor is it … Read more

Pamper Your Pet with Eight Great Ideas

Pamper your pet with extra special grooming.

With constant fluctuations in pandemic dos and don’ts, many of us are taking the chance to spend more time with our furry friends. A great way to increase the quality of that time is to pamper your pet because you’ll not only be spending quality time together, you’ll also get to show how much you … Read more

Eco Friendly Dog Food: Reducing Our Carbon Pawprint

With 4.8m dogs in Australia, eco friendly dog food could reduce our carbon pawprint

Eco friendly dog food might not be the biggest pet parenting catchphrase right now but watch this space because it’s going to be! With 4.8 million dogs in Australia, their carbon pawprint combined with ours is big deal, to say the least. Everything we do uses energy, such as the fossil fuel you and I … Read more

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