Average Cat Weight: Is Yours Under, Over or Just Right?

Women wonders if her cat is over the average cat weight

Is there an average cat weight? No. It’s pretty obvious that all cats are designed differently. For instance, a sleek Siamese cat won’t have the same average weight as a majestic Maine Coon. Breed, bone structure, gender, age and various health conditions all play a role. More importantly, each cat has its ideal weight. And … Read more

How Much Exercise Does A Dog Need? We Explore For Active Dog Month

this white and brown collie dog is waiting on the pavement to get exercise by going on a walk

Almost half of Australian dogs are overweight or obese, according to research. Are you making sure your dog is getting enough exercise? To mark Active Dog Month this April, we’re tackling the often-asked question of “how much exercise does a dog need?” We’ll also look at how best to exercise your dog, and why different … Read more

7 Steps to Being the Purrfect Pet Parent

PD Insurance: 7 Steps to Being the Purrfect Pet Parent in 2021

Being a pet parent is no walk in the park, yet it’s also deeply rewarding.Our fur kids love us unconditionally. They always have a loving gaze at the ready. They’re always right at our heels where we can find them. They have an uncanny intuition into how we feel and more than anything they need … Read more

Diabetes In Dogs And Cats – What You Need To Know

overweight cat sitting on hard wooden floor

We’ve all been tempted to give in to those big, pleading eyes and dish out an extra portion of dinner for our pets from time to time. While occasional treats won’t harm your furry friends in the long term, weight gain needs to be taken seriously. Diabetes in dogs and cats is a growing problem, … Read more

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