How to Build Puppy Trust this National Puppy Day

puppies under blanket celebrating National Puppy Day

This week we recognise National Puppy Day (Wednesday) and what better way to celebrate it than with bringing home a new puppy? As long as you have the time, money and love to give them, of course! Unfortunately more and more dogs are ending up in shelters recently due to post-lockdown realisations from new pet … Read more

Introducing a Puppy to a Cat: How to Get it Right

black puppy being introduced to cat

Introducing a puppy to a cat can be a breeze if you get the steps right from the start. Laying down the correct foundations can make a world of difference. If it’s done tactfully, a good introduction can mean best friends forever. Done wrong, it might be more like bites, scratches, and serious sibling rivalry. … Read more

Puppy Play: Best Games for Building Skills

This puppy is learning through puppy play.

Not only is puppy play cute, it’s a reservoir of untapped energy that can be used to teach pup new lessons. Can you think of anything better than converting your pup’s zoomies into fine motor skills and dog obedience? And while you’re busy playing, you and your pup get to bond. Sound good? Here are … Read more

Love Your Pet Day: 10 Ways They Wished You Did

Love your pet day is not just once a year, it’s every day. Nevertheless, who can resist a little bit of added festivity with the official Love Your Pet Day this 20 Feb! To celebrate, we’ve done our homework on the top 10 ways your pet wishes you loved them. We couldn’t find a pet … Read more

Toilet Training Your Puppy – Tips To Help Get It Right

puppy being toilet trained

Toilet training a puppy is one of the not-so-fun parts of getting a new canine family member. But if you’re diligent and know what you’re doing, you can avoid most of the accidents. Toilet training your puppy correctly from the start will set you and your dog up well for life and you can then … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?