Kitten and Cat Health Checklist

kitten who is in good health

Having your cat health checklist prepared before you commit to getting a young cat or kitten is the best thing you can do for your new pet. At around six weeks old, a kitten will stop drinking their mother’s milk, meaning their maternal antibodies will start to wear off. Preparation means your kitten can go … Read more

Puppy Health Care Milestones

puppy health care is part of this pup's life

Puppy health care milestones are all about doing a seamless handover from mother’s milk to medicine. That’s right, your puppy is born with a significant amount of immunity from their mum. Then they get a good booster dose of immunity as suckling puppies. Soon though, they start weaning and that in-built immunity wears off. As … Read more

COVID-19 Vaccination for Pets: What You Need to Know

Dogs can get coronavirus, but so far they don't get symptoms.

COVID-19 vaccination for pets – is this something pet parents may need to start considering? It’s a question being raised by scientists and vets alike, and research has already begun. What we know for sure is that pets and other animals do get the virus. To date, although people have given cats and dogs coronavirus (as in … Read more

5 Things New Kitten Parents Need to Know

PD Insurance: adopt a rescue animal

New kitten parents are the envy of most people. Firstly, they have a new baby. Secondly, the baby is fluffy with cuteness measuring off the radar. Thirdly, the baby can walk, talk (albeit cat) and eat all on its own. However, there’s still the issue of the new kitten pooping inside (on the floor, on … Read more

17 Ways To Be A Rocking Pet Parent

17 Ways To Be A Rocking Pet Parent

No big intro needed… Here are a few tips to help you be the greatest pet parent this world has ever seen! General 1. Give them lots of positive, appropriate attention. That might be through cleaning their cage, talking to them, taking them for walks, or just lying together reading. 2. Spay/neuter your pets. Millions … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?