Car Insurance Insights

Woman learns how to compare car insurance

How to Compare Car Insurance and Save

  Think about it: when was the last time you thought to compare car insurance quotes…   Perhaps you’re a newbie to the ballgame and need some insights? Or maybe it’s been years since you took a look at the market?   With the car

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Girl driving car asks is PD Insurance any good

Is PD Insurance Any Good for Car Insurance?

  You need to make the right financial decisions, and if you own a vehicle car insurance is a big annual spending commitment. Choosing the right car insurer can mean hundreds of dollars’ difference in your premium, let alone after an accident. And that’s if

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Your car is one of the biggest financial investments. Save money!

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

  Your car is one of the biggest financial and emotional investments you’ll ever make. You’ve likely spent thousands to acquire it and adore it for giving you the freedom to live as spontaneously (or not) as you like.  You want to protect that spend

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Insurance protection for bad weather is crucial to peace of mind

Car Insurance Protection for Bad Weather

You might be good at keeping your car safe when not on the road, but how do you protect it when driving. Hectic weather can strike at any time, leaving your car damaged and potentially out of action. Do you have what you need when

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Car insurance is important during car theft

Car Insurance Coverage After Theft

  With a recent report showing over 54,000 vehicles were stolen in Australia during just one year, it makes sense to protect your car. You can do this two ways – through anti-theft measures (to help prevent theft) and car insurance (to help recover financially). We

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Sneakered feet standing on ground below chalked writing spelling car insurance myths and facts

5 Car Insurance Myths You Should Stop Believing

  There are so many myths when it comes to comprehensive car insurance. We know it can be difficult to get your head around what’s real and what’s not. There’s so much info out there that, unsurprisingly, sometimes we’re tempted to simply go with the

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