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Brisbane Car Insurance

Did you know the Brisbane River is crossed by seven road bridges, a road tunnel, three railway bridges, three pedestrian bridges and a dedicated bus, cycle and pedestrian bridge? We didn’t either but we do know how to save you a bunch on your annual car insurance bill.

The cost of car insurance in Brisbane continues to rise, and PD is saving more and more Queenslanders with an alternative, lower cost car insurance solution.

Get a quick online car insurance quote with PD in minutes for up to 5 cars and see if we can put the inflation brakes on your Brisbane car insurance. Warning: it may embarrass your existing car insurance company.

So, here’s why you can save on car insurance, the PD Way:

We’re 100% Online Car Insurance

While the older Brisbane car insurers might force you to spend time in call centre queues, PD’s Online Car Insurance solutions allow you to easily buy and manage every part of your car insurance online. Even claims can be easily reported online with PD Car Insurance. In a nutshell, less overheads for us = more savings for you.

We’re car insurance with lots of big car insurance discounts

Of course we’re not the cheapest car insurer for every driver in Brisbane, but our car insurance discounts reward Brisbane’s lower risk drivers with lower premiums. When you start with 100% online car insurance and then get additional discounts for being lower than average risk, chances are you could be saving more than you thought possible on your annual car insurance bill. Why not challenge your car insurer?

We offer Multi-Car insurance solutions

PD is the only car insurer in Queensland to offer a Multi-Car insurance policy. Up to 5 cars can be included on your PD car insurance policy. With our multi-car discount, the more cars you include, the more you can save. Get an online multi car insurance quote in just a few minutes and see what you can save.

We’re paperless car insurance

Because we’re 100% online, all your documents, policy details and even claim information are readily available from your PD online car insurance account. That means we don’t need to send you unnecessary paper work and clutter. It will simplify your life, and it’s another way we can save you money on car insurance.

24/7 Customer Service and Claims Support

With PD you can contact us online to ask a question or report a claim 24/7. When you report a claim, expect fast, quality service backed by a Lifetime repair guarantee on any repairs we manage for you.


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