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Switch Your Car Insurance in Four Easy Steps

Thinking about switching car insurance? Thinking it’s too much work? Well, it’s easier than you think. In fact, you can research and switch in four easy steps:


If you’re thinking about switching providers, you should shop early—months before your current policy expires. These days, it’s easy to get a quick quote online in minutes and typically relies on basic vehicle and personal information. Getting a quote from a handful of brands is a great starting position. PD’s CompCompare tool lets you compare a PD car insurance policy with other leading brands to help find the policy thats best suits your cover and service needs.

So, start by shopping around for a good price. Then, use CompCompare to understand the cover and service you'll get from that policy. For extra policy and cover detail, read the Product Disclosure Statement of the policies you’re most interested in buying.


If you’ve found a policy and a price that’s perfect for you, it’s time to make the switch. Start by retrieving your saved quote online, then you’ll need the following information to complete the purchase online:

  • Your driver’s license details
  • Your vehicle’s registration number (your license plate number)
  • Payment details, typically a credit card number and expiry will be required
  • Your personal details like date of birth and when you first got your driver’s licence
  • Similar personal details for your partner and household members
  • Some insurers will ask for your VIN (located on your registration)

You may also require information about your current car insurer (name and renewal date) to get an extra discounts.


Be sure to cancel your other policy by phone or in person—to ensure that the cancellation made. If you switch sooner than your previous policy deadline, you are entitled by law to a refund of any unexpired premium. However, some companies charge a cancellation fee as well. Talk with your current provider about cancellation policies.


Sit back and enjoy your savings. When the policy arrives electronically or by regular mail, review to ensure all your details have been recorded accurately, and check the price to make sure you received all of the discounts you were quoted. Additionally, you’ll probably be able to choose to pay your new bill either upfront, or monthly payments.

Make the Switch to PD

Launched in December 2009 in Australia, PD is a new kind of car insurance company. That’s because we are 100% online, which means you’re able to access a low cost car insurance policy that doesn’t compromise on cover or claims delivery. And, unlike other insurance companies, PD allows you to insure up to five cars on the same policy—and one annual bill.

Plus, you can save even more money with discounts that apply to you including Multi-Car, Claims Free, Homeowner’s, Graduate, Paid-in-Full and more. Simply complete your quote and we'll include any applicable discounts for you.

So, get a quote and choose an alternative to traditional car insurance that can save you money and reduce the time and stress of car insurance.