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Pet Injury Coverage

With PD's Free Pet Injury coverage, your car insurance policy protects your dog or cat, too.

What Is Pet Injury Coverage?

Pets are part of your family, and when you take them with you in the car, they're your passengers, too. So shouldn't they be covered by your car insurance policy? We think so.

That's why we offer up to $1,000 of cover for your dog or cat if they're injured or worse when you're in a car accident, or during a fire or theft. And, it's free! That's right. PD's Pet Injury cover is automatically included with your Comprehensive car insurance policy.

When Can You Use Pet Injury Coverage?

If you can make a claim under your Comprehensive car insurance policy with PD, you can use Pet Injury cover for pets you or relatives who live with you have. If you're ever in an accident and your dog or cat is injured, PD pays up to $1,000 towards vet bills. Cover also extends to a cat or dog owned by a relative who lives with you.

Pet Injury cover is built in to your Comprehensive car insurance cover — there's no added cost if you choose to use it or not use it. It's just one more way we let you know we care about you and your family, human or otherwise.

How Is Pet Injury Cover Different from Pet Insurance?

PD's Pet Injury coverage protects your dog or cat from injuries that result from accidents when they're inside your vehicle. Pet Injury cover is not pet insurance, which covers your pet in the event of illness or injury.

Pet insurance pays for vet bills when your pet is sick or hurt. With pet insurance, you pay the bill and are reimbursed by the pet insurance company. Many plans have excesses, maximums and even coinsurance. Pet insurance does not necessarily cover all medical conditions for your pet, so make sure you get all the facts before you buy.

Pet Injury coverage is built into your Comprehensive car insurance policy with PD. Your dogs and cats are covered for vet costs up to $1,000 when they're hurt in an accident and in the event of death a $1,000 benefit.

To help keep your pets safe and comfortable in the car, read these pet travel safety tips.