gifts for car lovers come in all shapes and sizes

Christmas Gifts for Car Lovers: Your Guide


It’s always easier to buy Christmas gifts for people who have hobbies or passions. We love buying gifts for car lovers because there’s so many options from experiences to gadgets…or an actual car, if your budget stretches to it! Our guide to Christmas gifts for car lovers will bring a smile to the face of your favourite car enthusiast.


We guarantee you’ll find something here that they’ll love.


What to get the car enthusiast in your life

Our favourite gifts for car lovers are wide-ranging and the best one for your special someone will depend on personal taste. Does the car lover in your life own a fast sports car or a practical family sedan? Do they love long road trips with beautiful scenery, or would they prefer a weekend watching formula one?


Christmas gifts are always best when they’re something unusual or unexpected, and chosen with thought and care. Luckily we’ve got your back when it comes to car-related gifts that will be well-received…so there’s no need to sneak a look at that letter to Santa.


Unique gifts for car lovers

gifts for car lovers like these black leather gloves

Nobody wants another personalised car keyring! Instead, get something which will really stand out from the crowd. For the serious car enthusiast, you’re spoilt for choice. A car key finder is a practical but fun option for the Dad (or mum!) who’s always misplacing the car keys right before they need to hit the road.


If the person you’re buying for has splurged on a car that they really, really love taking out for long drives and showing off, a pair of quality driving gloves might be the perfect gift for them. They’ll help to protect the steering wheel while also giving the driver a better feel (and a cooler look, obviously!). If they’ve got a high-performance or luxury car, it would almost be rude to drive without the gloves!


A car experience day is always a winner too, especially if the recipient you had in mind doesn’t have the kind of car they dream of. How about a spin on a racetrack or a defensive driving course?


While you’re at it, if your car-loving gift recipient has a car that could use some serious neatening up, check out our blog post on car organising hacks. Some storage pieces might just be the perfect Christmas gift for them!


Travel-related gifts for car lovers

gifts for car lovers like a luxury driving holiday

 Car enthusiasts love to drive, right? So, it stands to reason that they’d love a good road trip. When it comes to Christmas, combining travel and motoring makes for the perfect gift for car lovers.


Choose somewhere that requires driving along beautiful roads and book a great AirBnb or guesthouse from which your gift recipient can explore. If the person you’re wanting to spoil at Christmas loves nothing more than the open road and the roar of the engine, book them a night or two to get away from it all and enjoy a memorable trip with their beloved car as company. Check out these suggestions from on places to stay along some of Australia’s best road trip routes.


If you can really splash out on the gift, how about a once-in-a-lifetime driving tour in incredible Australian destinations? Or even overseas (yes, we’re thinking positively). Think luxury supercars, complete with fine dining and top-notch hotels


Gifts for car lovers who can’t drive

gifts for car lovers like LEGO

You don’t have to be the one behind the wheel to enjoy cars. Just like some people love ballet but can’t dance, there are plenty of people (teens, we’re looking at you!) who are car-obsessed but who can’t drive for whatever reason.


An easy present which will last the whole year is a subscription to one of Australia’s many motoring magazines.  Good choices include Wheels,  MOTOR or 4×4 Australia. Now your car enthusiast can stay up to date on the latest news and keep their car needs satisfied even if they can’t start up the engine themselves.


If it’s a car-loving kid you’re buying Christmas gifts for, you can’t go wrong with LEGO (aside from stepping on it). These LEGO kits and sets are loads of fun for kids to build and play with. Adults have been known to enjoy the Ultimate Collector’s items too!


Where to buy Christmas gifts for car lovers

gifts for car lovers like these car coasters

Want to browse through the best gifting options available for car enthusiasts? Here are some of our favourite Australian stores which offer car-related Christmas gifts that will be perfect under the tree this year:


We love supporting small local businesses, especially after so many small merchants have been hit hard by COVID-19. Buying from a small producer means that you get an item which you won’t find at the mall, but might just get that small business owner doing a little jig when they see your order come through!


Etsy is a great place to start for a wide variety of unique, handcrafted gifts. What about these car coasters or a fun, themed car air freshener in the shape of a dog, coffee cup, or even Batman? Similarly, if you have any local markets or stores that you can purchase from, we’re sure they’d love the support.


Car insurance for motoring enthusiasts

Check out PD Insurance’s comprehensive car insurance and get a quote here. You never know, perhaps your car enthusiast friend or family member needs to make the switch to an awesome insurer for all that road tripping they’re planning!


Christmas gifts for car lovers – over to you

What was the best car-related gift you’ve ever given or received? Let us know on Facebook.


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