Does my policy cover accessories or modifications?

If you purchase Comprehensive or Third Party Fire and Theft cover, modifications or accessories installed by the manufacturer or motor vehicle dealership as part of the original sale your vehicle are covered automatically.

If your modification or accessory was permanently installed by someone other than the manufacturer or motor vehicle dealership, as part of the original sale of your vehicle, then that modification or accessory is not covered under Comprehensive nor Third Party Fire and Theft cover unless you purchase After-Market Accessory cover.

This is an optional cover, which provides cover for up to $2,000 in after-market accessories. Cover is not available for the following items:

  • Body kits or body kit components
  • Engine performance enhancements
  • Non standard wheel sizes
  • Custom paintwork
  • Lowered suspension
  • Transmission alterations

For more information about our cover, please refer to the Cover sections in our Product Disclosure Statement.

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