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The PD Teen Driver Term Sheet

As a P-Plate driver, I will commit to the following terms governing my driving behaviour.

1. Respect

At all times I will respect the safety of myself, my passengers and other drivers on the road. I will refrain from abuse or excessive use of my horn toward other drivers.

2. Seat belts

Before entering a public road, I will ensure that all passengers, and me as driver, are wearing a seat belt.

3. Speed

I will drive below legal speed limits for P-Plate drivers, and lower if conditions require.

4. Traffic rules

I will obey traffic rules at all times, including coming to a complete stop at stop signs, give way signs and amber / red traffic lights.

5. Time of day

I will not drive between 9pm and 6am without parental consent.

6. Mobile

I will not use or look at a mobile phone while in my car, other than if I have pulled off the road to a stationary position.

7. Distractions

I will not listen to loud music or conduct excessive conversation which could distract me from driving safely.

8. Passengers

I will not drive with more than 1 passenger without parental consent.

9. Purpose

I will use the car to commute to work, school or on agreed routes, and seek parental consent before driving to a new location. No other drivers will drive my car without parental consent.

10. Alertness

I will never drive when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or lack of sleep.

11. Maintenance

I will be responsible for keeping my car in sound working order, including regularly checking fuel, oil and tyre pressure.

I understand that failure to meet these terms will result in me losing driving privileges for up to _____ month(s).

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