Life on the Road

tips for solo female travellers like this backpacker

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers

  There’s nothing quite like the freedom of driving alone. The wind in your hair. The spirit of adventure coursing through your veins…. So you can continue to enjoy that freedom, this article covers off all kinds of tips for female solo travellers.   Safety-first

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Following grey nomad travel hints can mean you're on the road quicker

Grey Nomad Travel Hints – Part 2

  Now you’ve read part one of our grey nomad travel hints and how-tos, you’ve thought through what needs to happen before you go. Excited?! We’re not jealous at all. Much.   Part two in our series focuses on the driving holiday itself. When you put

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the grey nomad lifestyle often means travelling in a caravan

Grey Nomad Lifestyle: Preparation – Part 1

  You’ve left the 9 to 5 behind, and now you’re dreaming of hitting the tarmac to enjoy a grey nomad lifestyle. Freedom and adventure awaits!   You’re not alone. Tens of thousands of Aussies swap their picket fence for a steering wheel and open

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Friends go on a regional road trip together in te sun

Regional Road Trips for COVID Cautious Australians

  Have your overseas travel plans been cancelled? Don’t worry. Our beautiful continent offers thousands of spectacular places to tick off your bucket-list. Including regional road trip areas with lots of fresh air and way fewer people than close-contact metro areas. That’s important these days,

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Check demerit points and avoid licence loss

Time to Check Your Demerit Points?

  After months of COVID restrictions, it’s no surprise a recent PD Insurance survey found 50% of Australians will be holidaying here in the next year rather than travelling overseas. And of these, 23% will road trip – with many travelling to bushfire-affected areas to

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Pet safety in cars is possible with advice

Your Ultimate Guide to Pet Safety in Cars

  Dogs. Cats. Rabbits. Birds. Even guinea pigs. For most pets, car travel isn’t part of their weekly routine, but sometimes travelling with your pet in the car is unavoidable.   And it can be fun! Especially if you’re taking them on holidays.   You

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Can You Book Driving Lessons During COVID-19?

  Confusion has reigned over driving lessons since Victorian police issued a fine to a 17 year old learner-driver in early April, and then withdrew it a few days later. The big question is: Can L-platers still have driving lessons during the COVID-19 crisis?  

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Woman drives to essential services in the auto industry

Essential Services and the Australian Auto Industry

  In Australia, our social distancing measures and lockdown of non-essential services have had a positive impact on the rate of COVID-19 infections to say the least. So much so, state governments are moving through implementing the Australian government’s three-stage plan to relax coronavirus restrictions!

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