Life on the Road

Safety risks of sharing your car include getting cranky with your partner

Serious Safety Risks of Sharing Your Car

  Statistically speaking, our cars are the most dangerous form of transport. Yet, because we rely on them every day we often don’t think twice about reaching for the keys. Ditto when it comes to handing over those keys to others. Have you considered the

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Disadvantages of car sharing include messiness

The Messy Struggles of Sharing Your Car

  The time you spend behind the wheel should be enjoyable and stress free, right? That can be a tall order when it comes to sharing your keys! One of the most irritating (and common) disadvantages of car sharing is dealing with the mess others

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Two people enjoying girls weekend away

Guide to Planning a Girls Weekend Away

  Picture it: the open road. Your favourite tunes blasting. Your three best friends packed in around you – off on the adventure of a lifetime. A girls weekend away…. Aaaaahhhh.   We know life can be tough. It’s busy, it’s overwhelming at times, and

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Woman holding coffee enjoying caravan holidays looking at mountains

The Pro’s Guide to Confident Caravan Holidays

Is a stress-free break in the great outdoors with friends or family calling your name? Have you considered caravan holidays? They might be easier to achieve than you think.   You might love the freedom and sense of adventure camping offers, but don’t want to

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Car accessory hangs from revision mirror

Primping Your Car: Consider The Possibilities

  Ever thought about primping your car, as in doing a car makeover to maximise its good looks? The dancing dashboard hula girl is personalisation passé these days. Read on for our thoughts about cute car accessories for women…   Take On a Car Makeover

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Holidaying with pets including a cat on harness

Tips for Travelling with Dogs, Cats and Horses

  Taking your furry bestie on a holiday IS possible with good planning. First, visit this blog for an overarching view of just how achievable it is and to explore some of our tips to hassle-free holidaying pets.   Already read it? Continue on…   Because

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travelling and camping with dogs

Travelling with Pets: Your Ultimate Guide

  Dreaming of a beautiful, busy, beach-side break? Or, maybe you’re keen for a relaxing roadtrip that ends with you kicking back around the campfire. Perhaps it’s a city escape that floats your boat. Like the 62% of Aussie households who own a pet, your

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