Life on the Road

Check demerit points and avoid licence loss

Time to Check Your Demerit Points?

  After months of COVID restrictions, it’s no surprise a recent PD Insurance survey found 50% of Australians will be holidaying here in the next year rather than travelling overseas. And of these, 23% will road trip – with many travelling to bushfire-affected areas to

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Pet safety in cars is possible with advice

Your Ultimate Guide to Pet Safety in Cars

  Dogs. Cats. Rabbits. Birds. Even guinea pigs. For most pets, car travel isn’t part of their weekly routine, but sometimes travelling with your pet in the car is unavoidable.   And it can be fun! Especially if you’re taking them on holidays.   You

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Can You Book Driving Lessons During COVID-19?

  Confusion has reigned over driving lessons since Victorian police issued a fine to a 17 year old learner-driver in early April, and then withdrew it a few days later. The big question is: Can L-platers still have driving lessons during the COVID-19 crisis?  

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Woman drives to essential services in the auto industry

Essential Services and the Australian Auto Industry

  In Australia, our social distancing measures and lockdown of non-essential services have had a positive impact on the rate of COVID-19 infections to say the least. So much so, state governments are moving through implementing the Australian government’s three-stage plan to relax coronavirus restrictions!

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Ride Sharing Safety 101 Stay Safe & Well

Ridesharing Safety 101: Tips to Stay Safe & Well

  Prior to the pandemic, ridesharing was an increasingly popular way to travel – despite some questions around ridesharing safety.   Even during this crazy period, ridesharing and public transport continue to be the means by which many people access their job, crucial health services,

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how to prevent car theft is a thought that scares most of us

How to Prevent Car Theft at Home – Keep Keys Safe

  The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (NMVTRC) has just gone public with a warning to Australians – stealing keys during residential burglaries is an increasingly common method of stealing cars. Scary, right?   Don’t be caught unawares… read on for our tips on

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Listening to a novated lease explained means lots of coins

The Decision: Novated Lease vs Car Loan

  A three-way between you, your employer and your car financier might sound risqué – but it’s not quite as exciting as the name suggests.   This little agreement, aka a novated lease, does have its perks though. And like any financial decision, it’s important

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disinfecting your car is how to avoid COVID-19 when on the road

How to Avoid COVID-19 When on the Road

  By now we all recognise the need to practice social (spatial) distancing. And, where possible or mandated, self-isolation to stop the COVID-19 spread. But what if you have no choice but to drive somewhere and get out of the car. It raises the question

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