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getting your car fixed during COVID isn't hard

Ins and Outs of Fixing Your Car During COVID-19

  Since this pandemic took hold, we’ve been reminded how crucial our access to transport is. To deliver essential goods and services, to keep our communities operating and to give us the personal freedom to access important destinations.   Even when restrictions are at their

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Can you buy a car during COVID-19? Or sell? Yes

Can You Buy or Sell a Car During COVID-19?

  Does getting in a strange car or letting a stranger ride in yours feel risky at the moment? (And no, we don’t mean hitch-hiking or a Tinder date lift. #safetyfirst) We’re talking about going on a test-drive… If you’re looking to buy new or

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correct car seat installation is crucial to protect a baby

Car Seat Installation Guide: Safety Tips for Parents

  A crucial part of keeping children safe during car travel is understanding the laws and best safety practices with using and installing capsules, child restraints and booster seats. So, let’s talk about safe car seat installation…   Unfortunately, the research tells us many parents

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Car driver asks how dangerous is windscreen damage

How Dangerous is Windscreen Damage?

  They’re right in front of us when we’re on the road but we rarely think about our windscreens unless we can’t see through them properly. Even then, hands up if you’ve spent days, months or even years driving around with a chip in your

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