Under the Hood


5 Wallet-Friendly Ways of Eco-Friendly Cars

  As consumers, we’re increasingly aware of the environmental impact of what we buy and consume. But when it comes to cars, the majority of us still choose fossil-fuel powered cars over more eco-friendly choices like hybrid or electric cars, because the latter (on the

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Woman checks oil in car

How to Check the Oil in Your Car

  For any driver, an important car maintenance chore is checking and changing the oil. Believe us – an oil check is a simple process.   Oil is a crucial component because it lubricates the motor’s moving parts. This lubrication reduces friction, which in turn

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Reading dashboard gauges can help with determining fuel consumption comparison

Fuel Consumption Comparison When Buying a Car

  Although we often cringe when forking out for it, fuel is a necessary expense. On average, Australians pay $78.03 per week on it, and according to the Australian Automobile Association’s Transport Affordability Index Reports it ranks as the second highest weekly car-related cost, after

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woman tries out one of the best apps for freelancers

New Job, New Car! What You Need To Know

Congratulations on your new job! You’ve worked hard and it’s finally paid off. Whether you’ve got a promotion, made that enticing career change or gone out on your own, you’re hopefully now doing something you love which gives you more financial freedom, a better work/life balance…

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