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How do I get set up with PD Insurance?

Since PD Insurance is an online-focused business, the creation of an online account is part of your policy purchase process. As you buy a policy from PD, we’ll get you set up with an online customer account by simply asking you to establish a policy email and password, each used to login to your account. If you ever forget them, don’t worry – it’s really easy to have them reset by visiting the login page and following prompts. All your adjustments will be done from this online account, and that means collectively we keep costs and your premiums lower.

What if my car is not on the drop-down list of your quote process?

In our online customer portal there is a drop down box under vehicle information for you to select the year, make, model and body style of your vehicle. We cannot offer cover if your car is not available on our drop-down list. If your car has an exact match on our list of vehicles to choose from, then we can offer you cover.

How do I retrieve a quote?

You can save your quote and return to our site to retrieve it when you are ready to purchase the policy.

  • To retrieve a quote, click here. Then, enter the email address used to set up your quote and the primary policyholder’s date of birth. This will take you to the ‘Policy Effective Date’ page.
  • If you would like to review your price and modify your cover, excess or agreed value, enter your desired policy effective date, and type the security code that appears in the box.
  • To review and modify your address, vehicle, and driver information, click the ‘Back’ button at the bottom of the page.
Can I insure a car that is not yet registered?

A vehicle must be registered in order for PD Insurance to provide cover. When buying a new vehicle you may not yet know the registration. You can still get a new quote or even log into your online account and check the price to add the car to an existing policy. However, please keep in mind that we need the actual registration number for cover to be effective.

What are your methods of payment?

PD Insurance accepts Visa® and Mastercard® credit or debit card only. This allows us to confirm your payment on the spot, plus it helps reduce our administration costs so we can pass the savings on to you in the form of lower premiums and no fees.

What is my 'garaging address'?

When we state ‘garaging’ or ‘overnight location’, we mean the primary address or location where your car will be kept. The way you store your vehicle when not in use does not affect your policy premium or the cover PD offers.

Does PD Insurance provide Compulsory Third Party (CTP) cover?

We do not provide Compulsory Third Party (CTP or Greenslip) insurance, which covers bodily injury.

The term “Third Party” is used in different types of insurance cover and can cause some confusion. Our Third Party insurance provides cover for third party property damage caused by the use of your vehicle. We offer 2 different types:

  1. Third Party Fire & Theft: Cover for damage you might cause to other people’s property with additional cover for loss or damage to your vehicle caused by Fire or Theft
  2. Third Party Property Damage: Cover for damage you might cause to other people’s property only

For more information about Third Party cover, please refer to the Cover sections in our Product Disclosure Statement.

Does PD Insurance cover towing?

When you have comprehensive car insurance cover, PD Insurance will cover the reasonable cost of any required tow. If you are involved in an accident or incident and require a tow, PD Insurance pays the reasonable cost of towing your vehicle to the nearest repairer or place of safety if it’s damaged and cannot be safely driven.

  • You may call our claims department directly on 1800 776 473 for immediate assistance.
  • You can also lodge your claim online here.

For more information about our claims process, please see the ‘Making a claim’ section in our Product Disclosure Statement.

Does PD Insurance provide cover for company cars?

PD Insurance policies can only be written in an individual’s name, not in a company name. If the policy can be written in an individual’s name and the vehicle use is not listed in the exclusion section of the Product Disclosure Statement, then we can provide cover. Please note that if a regular driver of the insured vehicle is not listed on the policy, they will not be covered.

For a complete list of policy exclusions, please refer to the ‘General exclusions’ section of our Product Disclosure Statement.

Can I pay my policy through an instalment plan?

Eligibility for an instalment plan is determined by the information included on your policy. It can be affected if policy information changes and we’ll reassess availability at each annual renewal. If a lump-sum payment is the only option offered on your policy, that is the only payment arrangement we can extend at this time. Please note that by paying a lump sum, there is a discount included in your rate for fulfilling your total premium upfront.

How soon can I purchase a policy in advance of my effective date?

You can pay for your policy any time from now up to the day you want your cover to begin. We allow you to choose an effective date up to 65 days from the date you pay for the policy.

You may decide to make payment today to confirm your effective date in the future, or you can choose to wait until the day you need cover to confirm with a payment. Keep in mind, we do periodically update our rates, so if you do not purchase the quote today, the rate is subject to change.

I'm having trouble getting a quote. What do I do?

PD Insurance's site is optimised for most modern browsers (desktop, tablet, and mobile). Just make sure to:

  • Enable JavaScript: You will need this to get your quote.
  • Accept cookies: You’ll have a more personalised experience, and you can save certain information (like your policy ID) for future visits.
  • Download the latest Adobe Reader: You’ll have an easier time getting forms and documents.

If you have tried the above and are still experiencing trouble, contact us by clicking this Contact Us link and we will investigate further. Please include as much detail as possible including any error messages and screen shots if possible.

When pricing my policy, do you take into consideration my no claims bonus (NCB) rating?

Instead of pricing according to your current insurer’s No Claim Bonus, PD Insurance sets up a profile based on the claims history of each driver. This way, our safe drivers receive a highly competitive rate based on their safer risk profile.

For more information about No Claims Bonuses, please review the ‘How we determine your premium’ section in our Product Disclosure Statement.

What happens if I need to take my car to the mechanic, do I need to list them as drivers on my car insurancepolicy?

If the mechanic is licenced and has their own business insurance this should cover them to drive your vehicle. We recommend your ask your mechanic prior to you leaving your car with them. In the event they’re not insured and an incident occurs, we cannot provide cover because they won’t be listed on your policy as a driver.

Do I need to list on my car insurance policy someone who drives my car only once or twice a year?

Yes, you need to have other drivers listed in your car insurance policy or they may not be covered if they damage your car. You can add them to your policy and remove them as required.

What happens if someone driving my car has an accident and they are not listed?

Depending on your policy, you may not be covered. For example, you may have taken advantage of our exclusive driver discount, so you are the only person covered by your policy. Or, you may have listed all drivers as being over 25 years of age yet the driver in question is younger. These are just a couple of examples. Please ensure your policy covers someone before they drive your vehicle.

Can someone drive my car if it's an emergency?

There are no provisions for an emergency on our exclusive driver car insurance policies. However, depending on your policy, they may be covered. 

Will a learner driver be covered by my insurance policy?

All drivers need to be listed to be covered in the event of a claim. We cover learner drivers with some of our car insurance policies. Please contact the PD Insurance customer service centre to discuss, via 1800 776 473 or [email protected].

Does my insurance cover me for driving someone else's car?

No, only the vehicle listed on your car insurance policy is covered. So, if you drive someone else’s vehicle and are at fault in an accident, if the vehicle is only covered by Compulsory Third Party then you will be held liable for the repair and replacement costs for any vehicles involved.

Does my car insurance cover my trailer and caravan?

If your vehicle was towing a trailer or caravan at the time of an insured event and was at-fault in damaging a third party vehicle or property, that damage is covered up to $20 million.

PD Insurance car insurance doesn’t cover damage caused to your caravan and trailer in this situation, so we suggest you consider taking out separate caravan/trailer insurance. However, if someone runs into your vehicle and damages your caravan or trailer their insurance will cover that third-party damage.

Does my car insurance cover a hire car?

If your vehicle is stolen and you make a claim, we will arrange and pay the daily fees for an economy-type hire car, up to the daily limit listed on your current insurance certificate. This applies only to our comprehensive car insurance and third party fire and theft car insurance customers, who will receive up to 14 days of car hire under these circumstances.

Please read our car insurance policy PDS for further information about this benefit.

However, you may want to consider the additional car hire option PD Insurance offers so that in the event of all other claimable incidents (e.g. accident, serious damage) you can receive the benefit of a hire car.

For more information speak to our customer service centre.

Does my car insurance cover my ongoing car maintenance?

No, insurance does not cover car maintenance so be sure to take good care of your car’s exterior and interior. 

Why has the value of my car decreased but my car insurance premium increased?

Generally speaking, vehicle values decrease year on year as they age and more kilometres are added to the odometer. Car insurance premiums can increase year on year, but not always. It depends on a wide range of rating factors relating to your personal circumstances and other outside influences.

To have your car insurance policy reviewed please contact the PD Insurance customer service centre.

Can I get a better deal on my car insurance if I have more than one policy?

We always offer each customer the best possible PD Insurance premium based on their individual needs and circumstances. Interested in the specific discounts we offer? See here for more information.

Do you provide home and content insurance?

We currently don’t provide home, home and contents, contents or landlord insurance. However, accompanying our three different car insurance policy types is a range of car insurance discounts.

You can also add to your car insurance with these optional extras:

  • Excess Buster
  • Windscreen/Window Glass
  • Vehicle Contents
  • Hire Car After Incident
  • Roadside Assistance

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?