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In-between car insurance, to cover various types of damage.

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Third Party Fire and Theft

Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance is our mid-range car insurance cover.

It’s designed for drivers who don’t want comprehensive car insurance but need to go beyond basic benefits. Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance is often chosen by Australians who own older cars of lower value.

This simple car insurance gives you a soft landing with cover for accidental damage you cause with your car to other people’s vehicles or property. It also protects you against theft or fire damage to your car.

Our Exclusive Driver discount applies here too, as do our other valuable discounts.

Your Discounts

Protecting your wheels doesn’t need to be expensive.
With Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance, PD Insurance offers several discounts alongside a range of benefits.

Exclusive Driver Discount

If you’re the only driver of your car, you’ll qualify for our Exclusive Driver Discount.

Claims Free

If you’ve had no claims in the last five years, you’ll qualify for our Claims Free Discount.

Annual Payment Discount

If you pay your entire premium upfront, you’ll qualify for our Annual Payment Discount.

Early Shopper Discount

An Early Shopper Discount could be yours if you get a quote before your existing policy expires.

Your Included Benefits


Accident Damage

Loss or damage to other people’s cars or property caused by a covered event.


Legal Liability

Legal liability (up to $20 million) for damage to someone else’s car or property.



Loss or damage cause by theft or attempted theft.


Hire Car

A hire car if your car is stolen.

Your Optional Benefits

Extend your Third Party Fire and Theft coverage with the optional extras that matter to you.

Roadside Assist

24/7 Roadside Assistance from $89/year#.

Excess Buster

Our most popular add-on. In the event you need to pay a basic excess, we pay it for you instead (once per year).

Pet Insurance

Do you know we also do Pet Insurance?
You can get the first month FREE when you buy online, so why not get a quote today!*
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Frequently Asked Questions

Since PD Insurance is an online-focused business, the creation of an online account is part of your policy purchase process. As you buy a policy from PD, we’ll get you set up with an online member account by simply asking you to establish a policy email and password, each used to login to your account. If you ever forget them, don’t worry – it’s really easy to have them reset by visiting the login page and following prompts. All your adjustments will be done from this online account, and that means collectively we keep costs and your premiums lower.

PD Insurance accepts Visa® and Mastercard® credit or debit card only. This allows us to confirm your payment on the spot, plus it helps reduce our administration costs so we can pass the savings on to you in the form of lower premiums and no fees.

Yes, our Car Cover Policy for both Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft offer a Towing and Storage Benefit

  • You may call our claims department directly on 1800 776 473 for immediate assistance.
  • You can also lodge your claim online at

For more information about our Towing and Storage Benefit or Claims Process, please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement.

Instead of pricing according to your current insurer’s NCB, we set up a profile based on the claims history of each driver. This way, our safe drivers receive a highly competitive rate based on their safer risk profile.

For more information about No Claims Bonuses, please review the ‘How we determine your premium’ section in our Product Disclosure Statement

We always offer each member the best possible PD Insurance premium based on their individual needs and circumstances. Interested in the specific discounts we offer? See above for more information on how you can save.

Our Blog

Discounts apply for new car policies only. We reserve the right to change the offer without notice. Base rate premiums subject to change. It does not apply to any renewal offer of insurance.

#Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions 

Driving hazards and motoring problems can occur at any time. PD Insurance Roadside Assistance is a dedicated vehicle assistance service and is provided by Digicall Assist Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s largest premium automotive assistance providers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Australia-wide.

Your checklist when calling for help

To access PD Insurance Roadside Assistance simply:

  1. Call us on 1800 776 473.
  2. Have your vehicle registration, membership number and your contact telephone number on-hand.
  3. Confirm the location of your vehicle and provide a detailed description of the problem.

Safety first

If your vehicle has broken down in a hazardous location, please advise the operator when you call and ensure you are not exposed to danger from oncoming vehicles.

Stay with your vehicle

Once assistance has been called, it’s vital that you remain with your vehicle. If our provider arrives at the scene of the breakdown and your vehicle is unattended, we will be unable to carry out any work and payment may be required for any subsequent callouts for the same incident. If you have to leave your vehicle for safety reasons, you need to tell our operator.

PD Insurance roadside assistance benefits & conditions

Roadside Assistance – Digicall will rectify, where it is possible and safe to do so, most common Breakdown related problems including inflation of a flat tyre, replacement of a flat tyre with the Vehicle’s serviceable spare and jump-starting of a flat battery.

Minor Roadside Repairs – Digicall will carry out minor Breakdown related repairs where it is possible and safe to do so at the roadside. However, if major parts or factory diagnostic equipment are required, the Vehicle will be transported to the nearest authorised repairer within the towing limits.

Technical Advice – Telephone technical advice will be provided in relation to the Vehicle operation, any safety warnings or lights that may appear or technical and mechanical information regarding the Vehicle.

Battery and Parts Replacement – Digicall will arrange for the supply and fitment of emergency parts to effect mobilisation of a Breakdown repair in the event that an Authorised Repairer is not open or within close proximity of the Breakdown. The Member will be responsible for all parts and repair costs incurred in the provision of this service This may include, but is not limited to, batteries, hoses, electrical components, etc.

Emergency Fuel – Digicall will arrange for either the delivery of an emergency supply of fuel where able to and where government regulations permit or transport the Vehicle to the nearest refueling station. The owner / driver would be responsible for the cost of any fuel supplied in excess of ten (10) litres in the provision of this service.

Lost Keys, Locksmith Service or Courier Service – Where the key has been lost or stolen, or has been locked inside the Vehicle, Digicall will either arrange for the Member’s spare key to be delivered to the Member, arrange for the Member to retrieve the spare key, or arrange for a locksmith to attend. ln the event the Member insists the Vehicle be broken into to recover keys locked inside the Vehicle, neither Digicall nor the Contractor will, under any circumstances, be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs to the Vehicle as a result. Due to contractor limitations, this service may not be available in all cases. The Member will be responsible for any costs in excess of $250 including GST incurred in the provision of this service.

Towing – ln the event the Member’s Vehicle is immobilised or is not safe to drive, Digicall will transport the Vehicle to the nearest Authorised Repairer within a one hundred kilometres (100km) radius of the breakdown or the members preferred repairer within 20kms of the breakdown location.

What we don’t cover

We do not cover vehicles that are:

  • not in a roadworthy, well maintained condition or are unregistered.
  • unattended, unless organised at the time of arranging assistance.
  • not registered on our system.
  • over 2.5 tonnes.
  • involved in any way in any form of racing or motor sports.
  • modified, large or heavy enough to require a specialist or heavy haulage.
  • operating as taxis, limousines, rental or hire vehicles or any other commercial use that’s not covered by your PD Insurance insurance policy
  • immobile in a workshop while being repaired or undergoing mechanical or electrical repairs at your premises.
  • towing between repairers.
  • located in a restricted access area except where we can enter the premises and you are willing to cover any associated costs.
  • bogged or located in an area that a two wheel drive recovery vehicle cannot access.

We do not cover service calls that are the result of:

  • failure to use reasonable care, e.g. repeatedly/intentionally running out of fuel
  • failure to carry out regular preventative vehicle maintenance or inappropriate maintenance or repair, whether intentional, negligent or otherwise.
  • incorrect fuel or contaminated fuel added to the fuel tank.
  • owner or driver related faults including pre-existing faults
  • failure to follow the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer, repairer or us.
  • non-genuine, inappropriate or incorrect fitting of parts or accessories.
  • accident damage, break-in or attempted break-in of your vehicle.

We won’t provide our service when:

  • there are inadequate resources in the area where you have broken down such as when there are no tow trucks or repairers available.
  • circumstances are beyond our control such as extraordinary delays caused by extreme weather conditions, a severe accident or traffic congestion.
  • unexpected or disruptive events such as war, strikes, storms or other acts of God prevent us from assisting you.

Your responsibility for costs

You are responsible for all costs of parts, labour and any other associated costs relating to the management and repair of your vehicle after a breakdown whether the repairs are carried out by the nearest repairer or otherwise. We will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage that arises from providing or failing to provide any of the benefits or services whether arising from negligence or otherwise. We assume no responsibility for any advice or assistance given by any independent service provider for the services rendered hereunder.


The following words have these meanings throughout this document:

  • Accident: your vehicle is damaged by impact or collision of any nature or attempted or successful theft or break-in of the vehicle.
  • Breakdown: a vehicle failure which has caused the vehicle to be immobilised or become unroadworthy or unsafe to drive in transit, due to mechanical or electrical fault. This can also include a flat tyre, flat battery, a vehicle that has run out of fuel or keys that have been locked in the vehicle or lost.
  • Nearest repairer: a repairer recommended by us to undertake workshop repairs to your vehicle.
  • Restricted access area: an area that is protected by security and/or other systems designed to prevent access to unauthorised people and includes areas which we do not have permission to enter (for example airports, sporting venues, protests, concerts and certain business premises).
  • Vehicle: the vehicle registered for the PD Insurance Roadside Assistance program.
  • We, Us, Our: Digicall Assist
  • You, Your: the nominated person registered for the PD Insurance Roadside Assistance program or the driver of the vehicle.

Transfer or cancellation of your PD Insurance roadside assistance

This program is not transferable. If you sell your vehicle no refunds are available from Digicall Assist.

Important Information

These terms and conditions are current as at the date of printing but are subject to change without notice.

PD Insurance Roadside Assistance is provided by Digicall Assist Pty Ltd . ABN 92 152 605 340.

The persons and vehicles shown in photographs on this website are stock photography. They are not insured members or necessarily depict insurable scenarios.

One Month Free only relates to Pet Insurance.

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?