Third Party Fire & Theft

Third party fire and theft car insurance is an in-betweener: while not the fullest, it does cover a fair bit of damage.

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third party fire and theft insurance

Third Party

Fire & Theft

Third party fire and theft car insurance is our mid-range car insurance cover.

It’s for drivers who don’t want comprehensive car insurance but need to go beyond the basic benefits of third party property car insurance. Third party fire and theft car insurance is designed for Australians who own older cars of lower value.

This cost-effective cover cushions you for damage you cause to other people’s vehicles or property, plus theft or fire damage (only) to your car.

Our Multi-Car and Exclusive Driver discounts apply here too, as do our other valuable discounts.

third party fire and theft insurance

Your Optional


Extend your third party fire and theft car insurance with the optional extras that matter to you.

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Excess Buster

Our most popular add-on. In the event you need to pay a basic excess, we pay it for you instead (once per year).

Your Third Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance

Included Benefits

This above is a summary only. Please consult the Product Disclosure Statement for further details.

Your Third Party Fire & Theft Car Insurance


Protecting your finances against some of life’s motoring mishaps doesn’t need to be costly. With third party fire and theft car insurance, PD Insurance offers several discounts alongside a range of benefits.

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Exclusive-Driver Discount

  • If you're the only driver of your car, you'll qualify for our Exclusive-Driver Discount. 
car insurance quotes online

Claims Free Discount

  • If you’ve had no claims in the last five years, you'll qualify for our Claims Free Discount.
car insurance quotes online

Annual Payment Discount

  • If you pay your entire premium upfront, you'll qualify for our Annual Payment Discount.

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PD Insurance


Since PD Insurance is an online-focused business, the creation of an online account is part of your policy purchase process. As you buy a policy from PD, we’ll get you set up with an online member account by simply asking you to establish a policy email and password, each used to login to your account. If you ever forget them, don’t worry – it’s really easy to have them reset by visiting the login page and following prompts. All your adjustments will be done from this online account, and that means collectively we keep costs and your premiums lower.

PD Insurance accepts Visa® and Mastercard® credit or debit card only. This allows us to confirm your payment on the spot, plus it helps reduce our administration costs so we can pass the savings on to you in the form of lower premiums and no fees.

Yes, our Car Cover Policy for both Comprehensive and Third Party Fire and Theft offer a Towing and Storage Benefit

  • You may call our claims department directly on 1800 776 473 for immediate assistance.
  • You can also lodge your claim online at

For more information about our Towing and Storage Benefit or Claims Process, please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement.

Instead of pricing according to your current insurer’s NCB, we set up a profile based on the claims history of each driver. This way, our safe drivers receive a highly competitive rate based on their safer risk profile.

For more information about No Claims Bonuses, please review the ‘How we determine your premium’ section in our Product Disclosure Statement

We always offer each member the best possible PD Insurance premium based on their individual needs and circumstances. Interested in the specific discounts we offer? See above for more information on how you can save.

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^15% Off Car Insurance Terms and Conditions:

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Other Disclosures:

  • Free Insurance only relates to Pet Insurance.
  • *The full terms and conditions of this offer can be found here.

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