Credit Card Charge Authority

Authority to charge nominated credit card account

I authorise PD Insurance (“Company”) to charge the credit card account that I have nominated and entered on the Company’s website or policy manager portal for all payments due for the insurance policy that I’m purchasing from the Company, as well as all renewals, which could also occur automatically. I also authorise the Company to adjust the amount charged to my credit card account because of my changes made to the policy or any adjusted renewal premiums.

I Agree That:

  • My insurance will be subject to cancellation or lapse due to non-payment of premium if the Company is unable to collect any payment from my credit card account for any reason, including reaching the account’s credit limit or cancellation of the account by the card holder or card issuer.
  • Charges made by the Company to my credit card account after my policy or any renewal is cancelled, non-renewed or lapsed will not reinstate my policy/renewal or extend my insurance cover.
  • I will give the Company notice at least 5 business days before a premium due date if my credit card account information changes.
  • This Authorisation will remain in effect until I notify the Company of termination which will be
    by e-mailing notice at [email protected].
  • If I terminate my credit card account by any other means, I will also follow such termination up, by informing the Company by email.
  • The Company has 30 days after receipt of my termination of this authorisation to process the termination, and during that 30-day period additional charges may be made by the Company to my credit card account.
  • If I terminate this authorisation, I will still owe the Company premium for any period of time during which the policy/renewal was in force prior to any cancellation or lapse and for which the Company has not been paid.
  • If my policy is cancelled and I am due a refund, the Company may credit my credit card account or make other arrangements to return the balance to me.
  • For purposes of any refunds and where I have changed my account details, I will provide the Company with satisfactorily and documented proof of my new as well as my old account details.

We offer general advice only. Consider the PDS before deciding about this insurance. is underwritten by Pacific International Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 83169 311 193 | AFS Licence No.523921). Pacific is an Australian insurance company regulated by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?