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Got a puppy or kitten? Buy online and get 3 months FREE*
Got a dog or cat? Buy online and get 1 month FREE*

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Why get pet insurance quotes online with PD Insurance?

Pet insurance is simple with us. When your pet is sick or injured, we give you a soft landing by helping pay the vet bill!

PD Insurance understands being a pet parent is one of life's greatest delights. Like all great things, it tugs at the heartstrings in bringing as many concerns as it does joys. Especially when it comes to your pet's health.

That's why insurance is crucial for responsible pet owners. And it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Our 3 simple pet insurance policies offer you the low cost protection your furry family member deserves.

Get pet insurance quotes online here in only a couple of minutes.

3 Months

FREE Insurance

for Puppies and Kittens

If your pet is between 6 weeks and 1 year old, you automatically get your first 3 months free.*

Compare Pet Insurance

Accident Plan

Our most affordable pet cover plan. This policy covers the basics, including accidents and third party liability benefits.

Classic Plan

The most popular PD Insurance pet policy, this covers accidents, illnesses and third party liability.

Deluxe Plan

Our most comprehensive policy, this covers accidents, illnesses and third party liability as well as dental.

Pet Insurance Claim Process

Get Treatment
When your furry friend needs veterinary care, go to your trusted vet and ensure your pet receives treatment.

Submit a Claim
Activate your pet insurance claim online, provide a few simple details and the vet invoice.

Get Reimbursed, Fast!
We normally pay you within 2 business days of receiving all necessary paperwork, thanks to our dedicated in-house team~.

~T&Cs apply and reimbursement subject to submission of a valid claim

Did You Know?^

As massive animal lovers, the PD Insurance team understands your pets are family. Hence the term 'fur babies'!

Getting the best medical care for them should never have to be a decision. Which we're guessing is why you're researching pet insurance quotes online with us, as a responsible pet parent.

It's why we think pet insurance is a no-brainer – it means you can get quality care for your pets without hesitation.
Despite how careful we are, or whether a pet is ‘indoor only’, accidents happen and pets get sick. Did you know:

$ 0
Average Cost Of Vet Bills
For Australian Cats
$ 0
Average Cost Of Vet Bills
For Australian Dogs
$ 0 bn
What Australian Pet Owners Spend At The Vet Annually

Simple Pet Cover with a Soft Landing.
Built for Pet Parents.


3 quality pet insurance plans to compare and choose from. 


Claims resolved quickly by our in-house team, who aim to settle ASAP.


Simple policies, simple quoting and simple claims. Easy.

Family Members Deserve Protection

Sky & Rowdy:
My puppy Rowdy was about 10 weeks old when he got into my bathroom bin and ate everything. I called the vet and they told me to bring him in straight away. Sadly, there was nothing they could do so they told me to contact the local animal hospital. I took him straight there and for over 5 hours they made him vomit to try and bring up the stuff in his belly. They ended up getting most of the contents out (and a little more!). Turns out he had also eaten a caterpillar, a bobby pin and my loofa. The whole ordeal cost around $2,000 and because we didn’t have pet insurance we had to dip into our savings. We really regret not getting insurance sooner - it was foolish to think we wouldn't need it.
Nathan & Perry:
Our Bull Arab, Perry, managed to get his leather collar off and chewed it up, swallowing a 10cm length of it that blocked his stomach. We noticed he wasn't eating properly and seemed to be in pain so we took him to our local vet. X-rays were taken, and the collar was discovered as it had studs in it. It was too big to pass naturally so Perry had to have surgery, which was done the next day. If it hadn't been for our pet insurance it would have cost us $4,500! Luckily it only cost us a nominal excess and we had our boy back to his normal boisterous self in no time.
Angie & Pickle:
One day I collected Pickle from doggy day-care and noticed he was licking his very swollen and red paw. It was clear we needed to head to the local vet before they closed so he could receive the best possible care - and because we were insured, there was no stress about the costs. Thankfully we quickly made it to the vet, who identified his bee sting, treated him promptly and ensured I knew what to expect for Pickle’s at-home care for the next few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pet insurance?

At some point in your cat’s or dog’s life they are going to need veterinary treatment. And as most pet owners know, vet bills can be very expensive, in some cases costing thousands of dollars. A PD Insurance pet cover plan can help you have peace of mind in affording appropriate care for your pets when they need it most.

Via our third party liability cover we can also protect against damage caused by your pet/s to other people’s property or person.

Compare our PD Insurance pet cover plans today (dog insurance or cat insurance).

What do PD Insurance plans cover and not cover?

Our pet insurance plans cover the cost of veterinary expenses incurred as a result of accidental injury and illness.  They also protect against damage caused by your pet/s to other people’s property or person.

Check our Dog Insurance Plans and Cat Insurance Plans pages for a list of what’s covered and what’s not. Or, see our PDS for full cover details.

Does pet insurance cover accidents?

Yes – after all, accidents happen. Especially when you have an unpredictable animal on your hands!

Rest assured each of the PD Insurance pet cover plans includes accident cover. This means our pet insurance covers the cost of treating your beloved pet for injuries sustained in an accident (up to your annual limit). This includes things like choking, being hit by a car and other unforeseeable incidents.

What is an illness?

An illness means an unexpected sickness or disease, or any change to your pet’s normal healthy state. This could be an upset stomach, a skin condition or an ear infection, or another sickness/disease that’s not caused by an accidental injury.

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*The full terms and conditions of this offer can be found here.

^Source of all statistical data: Animal Medicine Australia Pets in Australia Survey.

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