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PD Insurance Finder Awards 2021

PD Insurance is a proud finalist of the 2021 Finder Awards for Car Insurance!

We’re committed to providing you with affordable cover that suits your needs.

Car Insurance Quotes Online

Why get car insurance quotes online with PD Insurance?

When life throws you a car curveball we know you can’t bear to be without it, so we act quickly. PD Insurance gets you back on the road ASAP, then you can get on with life and focus on doing the things you love.

Each of our 3 car insurance policies work hand in hand with compulsory third party insurance to protect your keys to freedom. Each plan is affordable yet full of value, so you'll very likely find something within budget.

With our mantras of Simplicity and Soft Landings, you're in safe hands with PD Insurance.

And if you're the only driver of your car you'll enjoy our top-notch Exclusive Driver Discount. Is it time to vroom solo?

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Car Insurance Discounts

If you have an accident or need a repair you want to spend as little time without your car. And as little money as possible, right?
Protecting your wheels doesn’t need to be expensive. PD Insurance offers several car insurance discounts...

Exclusive-Driver Discount

If you’re the only driver of your car, you’ll qualify for our Exclusive-Driver Discount. 

Claims Free

If you’ve had no claims in the last 5 years, you’ll qualify for our Claims Free Discount.

Annual Payment Discount

If you pay your entire premium upfront, you’ll qualify for our Annual Payment Discount.

Early Shopper Discount

An Early Shopper Discount could be yours if you get a quote before your existing policy expires.

car insurance quotes online

Car Insurance Quotes Online

Getting car insurance quotes online with PD Insurance is simple, no matter who you are or what car you have.

Once you're under our wing (car door?), managing your insurance and making a claim is simple too. We were one of the first insurance providers to offer Australians a website and portal that enables you to:

1. Get car insurance quotes online quickly and easily

2. Manage your car insurance policy/ies via our portal

3. Notify us of your car insurance claim

Pet Insurance

Do you know we also do Pet Insurance?

You can get up tp 3 months FREE when you buy online, so why not get a quote today!*

car insurance quotes online

Frequently Asked Questions

Since PD Insurance is an online-focused business, the creation of an online account is part of your policy purchase process. As you buy a policy from PD, we’ll get you set up with an online member account by simply asking you to establish a policy email and password, each used to login to your account. If you ever forget them, don’t worry – it’s really easy to have them reset by visiting the login page and following prompts. All your adjustments will be done from this online account, and that means collectively we keep costs and your premiums lower.

PD Insurance accepts Visa® and Mastercard® credit or debit card only. This allows us to confirm your payment on the spot, plus it helps reduce our administration costs so we can pass the savings on to you in the form of lower premiums and no fees.

Yes, if you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, and you are involved in an accident or incident and require a tow, we will pay the reasonable cost of towing your vehicle to the nearest repairer or place of safety if it’s damaged and cannot be safely driven.

  • You may call our claims department directly on 1800 776 473 for immediate assistance.
  • You can also lodge your claim online at pd.com.au.

For more information about our Claims Process, please refer to our Product Disclosure Statement.

Instead of pricing according to your current insurer’s NCB, we set up a profile based on the claims history of each driver. This way, our safe drivers receive a highly competitive rate based on their safer risk profile.

For more information about No Claims Bonuses, please review the ‘How we determine your premium’ section in our Product Disclosure Statement

We always offer each member the best possible PD Insurance premium based on their individual needs and circumstances. Interested in the specific discounts we offer? See above for more information on how you can save.

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Discounts apply for new car policies only. We reserve the right to change the offer without notice. Base rate premiums subject to change. It does not apply to any renewal offer of insurance.

The persons and vehicles shown in photographs on this website are stock photography. They are not insured members or necessarily depict insurable scenarios.

One Month Free only relates to Pet Insurance.

*The full terms and conditions of this offer can be found here.

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?