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• Electric car sales in Australia increased by 200% in 2019

Zero Emission Vehicles: Where Are We At?

Zero emission vehicles were invented as long ago as the 19th century – they’re nothing new. Yet the cars of today are still largely fossil-fuel guzzlers. And they’re fast becoming outdated.   David Attenborough has told us time and time again that we’re almost out of fossil

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trailer coupling to reverse trailer

Reversing A Trailer: 4 Hacks To Get It Right

Even if you’ve towed something behind your car before, when reversing a trailer for the first time you’ll likely experience some nerves. If you’ve never towed anything before, it can be a seriously confusing experience.   Firstly, you have an extra couple of metres of

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while driving in australia you might see this kangaroo lying on road

5 Unmistakable Signs You’re Driving In Australia

Driving in Australia certainly has it’s own unique….perks. Or maybe that should be quirks?   From kangaroos to certain billboards, some things are just so unmistakably Aussie that you can’t help but smile. Here are some signs that you’re definitely driving in Australia. In case

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dash cam on car

Dash Cam Do’s and Don’ts

Drivers are usually pretty fussy about what goes on their dashboard. Forget putting your feet up on the dash or storing your roadtrip snacks. Sometimes it’s just that they love a clean and tidy car, but mostly it’s because of safety concerns. A dash cam

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choose a mechanic feature image - man's hands with spanner and wires

How To Choose A Mechanic

When your wheels need a bit of TLC you choose a mechanic to give it the attention it needs. Getting the right one can save you money and ensure your car’s always running smoothly, no matter the season.   Buuuut, this means you’ve got to

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woman with calculator budgeting to lower car insurance premiums

5 Ways To Lower Your Car Insurance Premium

A lot of us are feeling the pinch this year, especially after the economic effects of COVID. It’s natural to want to look at where you can save money. Though you might be tempted to cancel your car insurance, it’s an unwise financial move that

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Regional vs metro driving – which is safer?

Regional vs Metro Driving Habits Demystified

When it comes to regional vs metro driving habits, are there any trends we need to know about? Anything surprising or strange?   Surely your driving style depends on, well, you? It could also depend on where you live or what vehicle you drive. For

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What to do if an at-fault driver isn't listed on your insurance policy

An Unlisted Driver Crashed My Car: What to Expect

Someone – not you, a friend – has had an incident while driving your car. They’ve crashed your beloved wheels into someone else’s. Both cars are damaged. Your friend is ok. They’re not listed on your policy, and… Wait, what? They’re an unlisted driver?!  

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car technology you should be using

Simple Car Technology You Should Be Using

Gone are the days of handheld maps and serious biceps from manually rolling down your window. Now we’re spoilt with a range of technology at our fingertips while on the road. And we’re not talking our smartphones (hands on the wheel, people)! The techy stuff

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