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rear view of man driving car

Car Safety Features: Future and Present

Over the years, car safety features have become more and more sophisticated. And it’s a good thing too! Not only are our roads more crowded than they were when cars were first invented, but we travel faster too. Not to mention those long distance roadtrips.

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Dog chaining a dog like this Labrador is generally not best practice for pets.

Dog Chaining: When is it Cruelty to Animals?

Dog chaining is often synonymous with animal abuse and neglect. We’ve all seen the photos of abused dogs tied up in a bare yard without shelter. And we’re aware dog chaining in this manner isn’t safe, kind, fair, or acceptable. But is there ever a

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man with pet labrador dog doing construction work with sander

Construction Works and Keeping Pets Happy

Imagine being a pet in the midst of construction works or renovation. One day you’re lazing around in your usual sunny spot by the window, and next you’re hearing banging, smelling strange paint smells, and watching strangers walk in and out of your garden. The

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Stolen dogs on the rise include this Labrador

Stolen Dogs on The Rise Since Pandemic

The number of stolen dogs in Australia has at least doubled since the pandemic started. Pet theft once wasn’t such a major concern, but COVID’s had two knock-on effects: With the constantly changing levels of lockdown, people want a dependable friend more than ever. Lots of people

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couple having picnic in front of blue old high mileage car

How To Make A High Mileage Car Last Longer

The average Australian car is over 10 years old. Nowadays, a high mileage car doesn’t mean a rust bucket. With car engineering and technology improving at a rapid rate, modern cars are built to last. With regular care and maintenance, cars are no longer considered

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A black haired Scottish Terrier.

Scottish Terrier: The “Die Hard” Dog

The Scottish Terrier is bold and feisty, which has earned them the nickname “diehard”. You could say they’re a large dog in a little dog’s body (they say dynamite comes in small packages). Despite their working roots, these rugged little pups make great pets. So,

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A parent practices ways to introduce your dog to your baby.

How to Introduce Your Dog to Your Baby

Are you welcoming a bundle of joy into the world? Congrats! Knowing how to introduce your dog to your new baby is essential to a harmonious household. It’s a special time in life, though it can be stressful. The last thing you need is a

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miniature pinscher licking paw which can be a sign of obsessive compulsive disorder in dogs

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Dogs

Obsessive compulsive disorder in dogs might sound like something an overly anxious owner made up, but it’s a real affliction. Sometimes also known as canine compulsive disorder, it’s not dissimilar to OCD in humans. However, it manifests differently in dogs than in humans, as you’d

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