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How to Save Money on Car Insurance

  Your car is one of the biggest financial and emotional investments you’ll ever make. You’ve likely spent thousands to acquire it and adore it for giving you the freedom to live as spontaneously (or not) as you like.  You want to protect that spend

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Safety risks of sharing your car include getting cranky with your partner

Serious Safety Risks of Sharing Your Car

  Statistically speaking, our cars are the most dangerous form of transport. Yet, because we rely on them every day we often don’t think twice about reaching for the keys. Ditto when it comes to handing over those keys to others. Have you considered the

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Disadvantages of car sharing include messiness

The Messy Struggles of Sharing Your Car

  The time you spend behind the wheel should be enjoyable and stress free, right? That can be a tall order when it comes to sharing your keys! One of the most irritating (and common) disadvantages of car sharing is dealing with the mess others

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Best electric car charging spot

How to Choose the Best Electric Car For You

  If you’ve ever felt guilty about your car’s emissions and the impact it’s having on our environment, then buying an electric car may have crossed your mind. We know it’s crossed ours!   Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, did you know electric vehicles

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Revealed: Different Types of Electric Cars

  With a recent report predicting two thirds of Australians will own an electric car in the next 10 years, now is the time to start educating yourself about possibilities. What do you know about the different types of electric vehicles available today?   As this

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Destination Ideas for the Ultimate Road Trip

  Australia is filled with oodles of wonders and attractions to suit every taste. It is chock full of amazing scenery, much of which is easily accessible by road. It’s no wonder road trips are such a popular way to travel around here. Choosing where to

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Woman looking in review mirror considers perks of being the only driver

7 Financial Perks of Being the Only Driver of Your Car

  Car ownership has its challenges. From the moment you first drive away, you’re responsible for cleaning it, feeding it, protecting it against accidents and preventing theft. Not to mention maintaining it, so it stays on the road and keeps you safe. That’s a lot

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Two people enjoying girls weekend away

Guide to Planning a Girls Weekend Away

  Picture it: the open road. Your favourite tunes blasting. Your three best friends packed in around you – off on the adventure of a lifetime. A girls weekend away…. Aaaaahhhh.   We know life can be tough. It’s busy, it’s overwhelming at times, and

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Woman in car with dog is happy after pet proofing her car

Simple Ways to Pet Proof Your Car Like a Pro

Australians have some of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. More than 62% of households share it with a furry or feathery friend. If you’re in this group you know firsthand the physical and psychological benefits that come from their companionship. We

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