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wet road conditions in Australia are like this sometimes

Wet Road Conditions – Driving During La Niña

  Australia is likely to experience a La Niña weather pattern for the next few months, bringing increased rainfall and higher chances of flooding. Why is this important to drivers? Bad weather can make driving conditions much more difficult (see our article on driving in

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lost pet on a roadtrip is really sad

Lost a Pet on a Roadtrip? Here’s What to Do

  Our latest research shows that the seemingly-distant worlds of pet ownership and road tripping have collided. A whopping 26% of Australian pet owners plan to take their pets away on holidays in the next year. So, we asked “how many people know what to

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Road trip planning will take you to places like this beach

Road Trip Planning Post Pandemic

  In the wake of COVID-19 (anyone else hopeful the worst is finally over in Australia?!), it’s clear overseas and domestic travel has changed forever. Freedom of movement between states, let alone countries, musn’t be taken for granted. Road trip planning looks very different these

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defensive driving starts with being alert

5 Defensive Driving Skills You Need to Know

  When it comes to safe driving, anticipating danger is key. By following these five defensive driving tips, you can become an even better driver.   What is defensive driving? Safe driving is about more than just knowing the road rules and mastering the mechanics

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reduce car running costs by looking at your driving habits

How to Save Money On Car Running Costs

  Spring has finally sprung. The days are longer and temperatures warmer as summer approaches. Car running costs aren’t the first thing that comes to mind…   However, with 2020 being the longest year on record due to coronavirus (am I right?), there’s something a

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tips for solo female travellers like this backpacker

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travellers

  There’s nothing quite like the freedom of driving alone. The wind in your hair. The spirit of adventure coursing through your veins…. So you can continue to enjoy that freedom, this article covers off all kinds of tips for female solo travellers.   Safety-first

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