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this car windscreen has a crack

Your Car Windscreen and Road Safety

You probably only give your car windscreen a second thought after an unfortunate incident leads to a big crack. Or maybe on those super cold mornings where you just want to get going but your steamed up (or iced over) windscreen demands that you wait

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grey cat sitting on coins wonders how expensive is pet insurance

How Expensive Is Pet Insurance?

Everybody wants to do what’s best for their pets. But some people baulk at the word “insurance”, assuming it’s unaffordable or doesn’t provide enough value. How expensive is pet insurance? Really? And is it a necessary expense? You might be surprised to hear pet insurance

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This PD Insurance customer is using her car trade in toward a down payment on her new car.

Car Trade In: How to Get the Best Value

If you’re doing a car trade in to make a down payment on a new car, you’ll be hoping for the best possible price. You’ll also appreciate the convenience of not having to sell privately. Trading in your car can save you time, admin and

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golden puppy sitting in fields of flowers - this plant isn't toxic but many others are

Common Plants That Are Toxic To Pets

With over 24,000 species of plants native to Australia, it’s no surprise we’re a nation of greenery-lovers. Things may look rosy for those with green thumbs, but not so for animals who discover common plants that are toxic to pets. With the pandemic keeping people

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Labradors Retrievers are Australia’s top dog.

Labrador Retriever: Top Dog Breeds

The Labrador Retriever is Australia’s top dog. According to the Australian National Kennel Council, Labs have consistently accounted for the highest proportion of registrations across dog breed types for the past 10 years! This isn’t to say we don’t love all dogs (and cats), but

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